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Plan or No Plan

You know when you have something fun coming up, and the days leading up to it just pass by super slowly?

That’s what’s happening to me this week.

My parents and sister are coming into town this week, we have a fun Thursday night planned, the day off on Friday and it’s just taking forever to get here!

My lunch did a good job of filling me up, but I was excited for my 3 pm snack today  🙂


I brought one of the Oikos Strawberry yogurts I got last week. I’ve tried the blueberry, but haven’t been able to find the strawberry here. Needless to say, I was excited to try it.


Texture: Great. Same as the other flavors and the plain Oikos.

Taste: Yum!

It’s not the same as putting summer-fresh strawberries in yogurt, but I really liked it! There were chunks of strawberry at the bottom, and it was fun to pull up a little bit of fruit with each bite.


I added a bit of granola to it, too.

The weather today ended up pretty nasty, so I’m really glad we went running yesterday.

We came home and watched the news for a bit (…or I watched an Office rerun while Nick took a nap) before I started on dinner.


Do you ever start making dinner with a plan and end up making something that looks nothing like your original dish?

I love when that happens  😉


I was going to make stuffed peppers, but once I got everything out, I just wanted dinner to be ready in less time. The best way to do that? Put everything in one dish!

I’m not sure what to call this, but I’ll tell you what’s in it:

  • 1/2 lb. ground bison
  • 1/2 orange and red pepper, diced
  • 8 oz. mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 pkg. Uncle Bens Santa Fe 90 second whole grain medley 
  • 1 can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • ancho chile powder
  • smoked paprika
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • pepper

– Saute peppers and mushrooms.

– Add in ground bison with veggies and cook until meat is done. While meat is cooking, heat up grain packet in microwave.

– Season with salt, pepper, ancho chile powder, smoked paprika, onion and garlic powders.

– Stir in grain packet.

– Mix in 1 can drained/rinsed kidney beans.

– Check seasonings, add more if needed.  Garnish with cilantro and serve.


I had the Uncle Ben’s packet and wanted to use it tonight. Originally, I was going to mix that with some veggies and the bison and stuff the peppers.

But…since I sat on the couch for so long watching the news and The Office, I didn’t want to wait that long for dinner.


It turned out great!

We had more steamed broccoli on the side. I don’t know what it is, but I like broccoli for dinner sides a lot. It’s just so easy to make.

This would also be a great vegetarian meal.


I think there may be some pb puffins consumed tonight…


What’s your favorite “fall back” veggie – the one you have the most?

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Easy, Delicious Meals

Tuesday, Tuesday…why do you go by so slowly?

Nick and I both brought some leftover mac’n’cheese from last night for lunch today, and I added some extra peas to mine for more veggies.




Quick, easy, good.


I love Real Simple, so I was extremely excited when I was contacted last week to check out and review their new cookbook.


Real Simple, Best Recipes is a collection of some of the most popular, delicious, and easy-to-make recipes from the magazine’s ten-year heritage. I was excited to learn that because I have only been reading the magazine for a few years, and now I don’t have to miss out on their best recipes over the past decade!



I love the clean pages – lots of white space and not too much going on.


The pictures are all beautiful, and I love these information pages. I like having pages like this with all of this information in one place – it makes it easier to find when I’m just looking for one tip or suggestion.


I also love hardback cookbooks – I hate when paperback cookbooks won’t stay open while I’m trying to cook, don’t you? It’s so frustrating, and then I end up getting food on the pages, too.

This book also has a bookmarker attached!


One of the things I like the most about their recipes are that they are simple but still fun and tasty and make great meals. Their “simple” isn’t opening a can of soup, but most of their recipes don’t have very many steps or ingredients – you just end up making a great meal without spending too much time or money.

I actually just received the cookbook yesterday so I haven’t had the chance to make anything yet, but I do have a good amount of recipes marked already.

I will hopefully be reviewing the actual recipes soon, but I wanted to post this today because it is on sale starting today! If you like Real Simple magazine, you’ll definitely love the cookbook.

Thank you again, Kala! I’m excited to start cooking.



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Cinnamon Raisin Squared

I totally crashed on the couch last night at like 9:30 – I just could not keep my eyes open! I wanted to stay up to watch the new Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but I only saw a few minutes of it in between my closing eyelids  😉 Oh well! I guess I needed the sleep.

And I got up on time today, unlike yesterday.

I was hungry when I woke up today and was excited to try these new Alvarado St. bagels I found at Martin’s this weekend.


I loved their flaxseed bread I got a few months ago, but this was the first time I had ever seen their bagels.


I toasted up one cinnamon raisin bagel and topped it with a Tbsp of cinnamon raisin pb. I know some people would think cinnamon on cinnamon would be too much, but I love it. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much cinnamon.


With a sliced local gala apple on the side, this should keep me full for a while.


Off to work!


What’s your favorite type of apple?

I love galas, honeycrisp, and pink lady, but I’ll pretty much eat an apple as long as it’s good.


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Box to Table

Thank goodness today is over!

I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas have nothing else planned for tonight besides packing my lunch and having some tea and maybe some popcorn.

I had some almonds + dried apricots this afternoon – I knew we would probably be running once Nick got home from work.


I was not in the mood to run today, but I knew we needed to go. The rest of our week is either going to be bad weather or busy, so this may be the only night we get to go until this weekend.

So, we went. It wasn’t great – my legs were super tight the entire time, but we went anyway. Today was ran about 3 miles – something is better than nothing, right? I think any activity I can get in is good, especially since my job is just sitting for 8 hours.

At least dinner tonight was easy!


I took 2 boxes of Annie’s Whole Wheat Shells +White Cheddar and added the following:

  • 2 bags frozen mixed veggies (peppers, corn, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • 2 extra crowns of broccoli
  • 2 laughing cow wedges
  • 1/2 slice colby jack cheese
  • salt



I added some red pepper flakes to mine for a little kick.

We didn’t eat all of that tonight – I decided to go ahead and make both boxes I had in the cabinet so we could have some leftovers for lunch this week.


I can’t wait to have it tomorrow  🙂


So much has been happening the past week, that I keep forgetting to post the voting reminder! I know I’m pretty far behind, but I might as well try while it’s still going!

Vote for me here to get the Good Mood Blog gig!



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Monday Fun

My Monday is going pretty well – busy at work, but good.

I drank a few cups of tea this morning to keep myself warm before opening up these new treats I found at the Amish market this weekend.



They’re like a teeny tiny Larabar! The texture is a bit softer since there aren’t any nuts in the date mixture, but it tasted very similar.


By the time lunchtime rolled around, I was cold again! All I could think about was a hot lunch.

I found one of those boxed Imagine soups, the butternut squash, so I heated up 1.5 cups of the soup.


I love the texture, but it was a bit sweeter than I wanted so I added a few things:

  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • pepper
  • smoked paprika
  • chile garlic sea salt



Sweet base with a little heat.

I also made a little hummus tasting plate, thanks to our trip to Costco yesterday.


Nick and I can go through a normal hummus container while watching one football game, so I knew we needed a good amount. Plus, this is only $6 and it’s 3 times the size of the containers I can get here.

Have you ever seen a hummus container the size of your head?


I have now! and I know our favorite SnackFace did this weekend, too  🙂


I scooped out some of the hummus to go with my multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips and some celery.


I don’t know how long this container will last  🙂


I also booked our plane tickets today for the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival!!! I’m still in complete shock that I was chosen to be one of the 6 Nature’s Pride Bread Ambassadors!

Congrats again to the other winners:

Brittany from Eating Bird Food

Sabrina from RhodeyGirl Tests

Kim from Ravenous Couple

Shannon from Tri to Cook

Stephanie from StephChows


I can’t wait to try all the recipes and meet everyone!


Are you going to the Foodbuzz festival?

What’s been the best part of your day so far?

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Too Slow for Joe

Is it really Monday already? This weekend flew by, and I am not ready to sit here and work for 8 hours today.

I didn’t get up with my alarm this morning, so I was up a little later than normal. I’m okay with it happening on the days I’m home, though, because I still have time to make breakfast.


I made Eggs in a Basket today for Nick and me, along with some bacon.


I toasted the middle “rounds” of the bread and spread mine with some almond butter and sliced up an orange for us to split.


I also made me some tea this morning. I wanted coffee, but didn’t want to make it  😉



Here’s hoping today isn’t too crazy!


What did you do this weekend?

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Chompin’ At The Bit

Welcome home to us!

What a weekend. The weather cleared up, so we actually got to go back and ride yesterday.




It was so nice to be outside – the weather was perfect, we didn’t need jackets, and the rain passed over and never came back.

We were out there for about 3 hours or so, taking turns riding.

While Bob and Cindy were out on a longer ride with the horses, Nick and I took a bunch of pictures around the place.




and check out these lovebirds!


There were 5 dogs and at least 4 cats here, but these two had something special.

The cat just wouldn’t stop loving on him, and they cuddled for an hour or so – it was so sweet!





Now that is a look of love.

After packing up all the equipment, we headed home and had some chicken, veggies, and whole grain bread for dinner.

We also had some Kline’s for dessert  :)  Flavor of the week this week? Blueberry!


After watching a little football, we all crashed for the night.

Today was fun and busy.

We got up this morning, Bob made some of the best biscuits I’ve ever had, and we went to church. We ended up going to Costco and Martin’s after church was over so I could pick up a few groceries I needed before we came home.

We went back to the house, had leftover chicken, some roasted asparagus and sweet potato cakes. Nick and I got on the road around 3:30 today to head home.

I had one of those chocolate Amazing Grass bars on the road – I love those bars! I never thought I’d be eating green bars, but whatever works, right?

We got home a little after 6, unpacked the car, put the food away and talked to our neighbors for a bit before heading up for Walmart for milk, eggs, and produce.

I had a plan for dinner, but didn’t really want to cook once we got home and unpacked, so we picked up one of the new Bertolli frozen meals to try. I’m not normally a fan of frozen meals (especially ones with meat – it’s always such a weird texture), but this was pretty good.


We tried the Chianti Braised Beef and Rigatoni, which had mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, and a tomato sauce. Nick added a few sun dried tomatoes while it cooked and I cooked one of those frozen steamer bags of peas for a little green with dinner.


For a frozen meal, it was really good. I still don’t think I’ll be buying things like this very often because we like to cook and like homemade food better, but this wouldn’t be bad in a pinch or after a day of traveling/unpacking like today.

I ended up only eating about half of my serving because I was already planning on having some popcorn during Iron Chef ;) 

I better hurry up – I only have 10 minutes!

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