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Already Baking

Nick was able to rig up one of our old vacuum attachments to fit the new one – so he gets the McGyver award for today  🙂  All the rugs are clean, more laundry is in, and I’ve already got a baking project in the oven as I type! I can’t believe we just got home from Honduras on Thursday….it already feels like it was so long ago.

While folding and putting away laundry and trying to decide on dinner this afternoon, I got into our huge bar stash to try this one.


Between us, Nick’s parents, and my dad, we had a bunch of bars leftover f rom the trip so Nick and I were able to bring home most of what we bought. I’m happy that I finally get to try some of these!


I haven’t tried any of the other Clif Mojo Bar flavors, but I really liked this Mountain Mix one. I loved all the chocolate chips, raisins, and the salty peanuts. Just like a pressed together trail mix! I think we have one other flavor, too, and now I’m excited to try it as well.

Dinner plans ended up changing, but it was still good and much easier than the other two options. We’ll be having those tomorrow night and Monday, respectively. I’m glad I had at least a few easy choices on the menu plan for this week because neither one of us really felt like cooking much tonight.


I put some sweet potato wedges (that I got for .49!) in the oven to roast for “fries” with some smoked paprika, garlic, olive oil, and salt. While those cooked, I put 2 tomato and basil pizza burgers in a skillet with a little oil and crisped them up.

Once the burgers were done, I topped mine with some baby romaine and a little olive oil mayo, put it on an arnold thin and heated up the rest of our roasted broccoli from last night.


I love sweet potato fries + ketchup. Easy peasy, and I had time to whip together a baking project. You’ll either see it tomorrow or Monday, but I will say that it involves this.


Nick and I got this big bottle of vanilla from Honduras and it smells amazing! I’m so excited to use it in all kinds of things.

The buzzer just dinged and my baking project is out!

I think we’re about to go pick some tomatoes off the plants and then I’m coming in and having this.


I got this whole wheat brownie for me from the farmer’s market today and can’t wait to dig in.


I love that it’s topped with oats. I hope it’s good!


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