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Better Burger

Surprise, surprise – I didn’t have any coffee today! I didn’t feel like grinding the beans and everything this morning and I didn’t leave early enough to get some in town, so I just had some green tea once I got to church. I always forget how much I like tea. I mean, I love good coffee but I really love tea, too. I need to start drinking it more, since I have tons at the house and at work!

I had to run a few errands after church, so I headed out to Kroger and the bookstore to pick up a few presents and the last couple of groceries I needed.

Lunch today was easy! What else but leftovers?  🙂



Nick and I each heated up one of the leftover burgers and I had the last serving of the caprese salad with some extra tomato from our garden thrown in. Why is this combo so good?


I had some lettuce from the market and sliced tomato from our garden on my burger. I think buffalo / bison is now my favorite burger. It’s so lean, but has so much flavor! Plus the ground bison I can buy at Kroger is from Virginia! Score.

Since we had a fun day out on the river yesterday, I’ve got a hamper full of laundry calling….plus a nap at some point  🙂

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