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Have you ever tried the Stonyfield cream-top yogurts?

If you have and you love them, you’ll love these.

If not, and you just like yogurt…you’ll love these, too.


Stonyfield, based off of feedback from their consumers, has now stirred in the cream to create an even smoother, silkier texture and delicious taste.

If you’re a cream top-yogurt fan, you will be happy to know that the cream you’ve always loved is still there, it’s just stirred in. 

Their whole milk yogurt is the creamiest yogurt I’ve ever had!


As always, all of their yogurts are organic and sweetened only with naturally milled cane sugar. They’re made without artificial colors or flavors, and are made from organic milk produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones (rBST).

Kristina from Stonyfield sent me a package of their new whole milk yogurts with the cream stirred in to sample (yes, the samples were free, but my opinions are my own).

Honestly, I had never had whole milk yogurt before these arrived on my doorstep. I actually can’t get them around here, so I was happy to be able to try these flavors!

In the sample pack, I got:

  • Plain Whole Milk Yogurt
  • French Vanilla
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Strawberries ’n’ Cream
  • Chocolate Underground

I’ve tried their Chocolate Underground yogurt, but only in the fat free version.

And, after trying these yogurts, I can see why people love the whole milk varieties. They are insanely creamy and are not nearly as tart than other yogurts.

In fact, their Strawberries ’n’ Cream yogurt tasted more like strawberry ice cream than yogurt. Delicious!

And while I loved the Chocolate Underground, I think my favorite was a tie between the Strawberries ’n’ Cream and the White Chocolate Raspberry.



The White Chocolate Raspberry yogurt reminded me of the raspberry pudding pops I used to have during the summers growing up. Do you remember those?



If you haven’t tried their new Whole Milk yogurts (or if you’ve never tried ANY of their Whole Milk Yogurts), here’s your chance!

The prize: 4 Stonyfield coupons (for both quart and 6 oz. size), plus a reusable Stonyfield bag.

To Enter:

  • Leave me a comment with your all time favorite yogurt flavor


Good luck! I’ll be picking a winner on Thursday!

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Happy, happy Friday !!!

I am SO ready for the weekend – my family is coming up to visit and it’s going to be fun! We have plans for floatinis, movie watching, froyo eating, and having lots of laughs.

And to start your weekend off right, I’ve got a couple of giveaways for you!

First –


A few weeks ago, I received these new teas from Celestial Seasonings to sample (the samples were sent to me free, but my opinions are my own).

I was sent three new Antioxidant Max Green Teas to try and their new Sleepytime Decaf Lemon Jasmine Green Tea.

Antioxidant Max Green Teas

Combining the health benefits and smooth taste of Celestial Seasonings green tea with delicious, nutrient-rich superfruits, these new wellness blends contain 35% more free radical-fighting flavonoid antioxidants than other leading flavored green teas and provide 20% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C with each serving. Available in three flavors:

• Blackberry Pomegranate

• Blood Orange Star Fruit

• Dragon Fruit Melon

Sleepytime Decaf Lemon Jasmine Green

The newest variety in the lineup of delicious, health-supporting green teas features the well-known blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass featured in the bestselling specialty tea of all time, Sleepytime herbal tea, but adds healthful decaf green tea and a refreshing, calming lemon jasmine

These came at the perfect time, too. I don’t drink hot tea much in the summer, but in the winter, that’s all I want during the day.

I already love their regular Sleepytime Tea, but the new Lemon Jasmine Green is delicious! I think it will be my new bedtime tea.

Out of all the new teas, I liked the the Blackberry Pomegranate and the Sleepytime Lemon Jasmine the best! But I definitely enjoyed them all.

Also – and this is something I love – Celestial Seasonings’ tea boxes use 100% recycled paperboard, including 35% post-consumer waste, and can be recycled again when empty. AND their natural fiber tea bags are manufactured through a totally chlorine-free (TCF) process, meaning that no dioxin is released into the environment. Plus, they never contain starch or gluten, and they’re completely biodegradable and compostable – making them better for you and for our planet. Best of all, because our unique pillow-style tea bag doesn’t need a string, tag, staple or individual wrapper, we save 3.5 million pounds of waste from entering landfills every year! Pretty cool, right?

Want to win these teas to try for yourself?

One lucky winner will get the package pictured above, which includes one box of each of their new flavors.

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite tea

For additional entries:

  • Follow @SleepytimeBear on Twitter and leave a comment
  • “Like” him on Facebook and leave a comment
  • Tell me what flavor tea you would make if you could create your own – it can be anything!

I’ll pick the winner on Monday morning, February 7th.

And remember the Chobani Holiday Recipe Challenge I participated in?

Well, all of the recipes have been posted on their Facebook page and if you vote, YOU have a chance of winning an entire year of yogurt! Yup – a whole year of free yogurt. Can you imagine?

Enter here for you own chance at an oven mitt, a tote bag, and most importantly, an entire year’s worth of Chobani!

Happy Friday!

Fashion for this week coming soon…

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It’s your lucky day!

Remember the Angell Bars I reviewed last week?


Now you have 2 chances to win your own!

Angell Bars is offering 2 sample packs (each pack contains 1 of each bar + some stickers) so you can try the bars yourself.

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me which flavor you’re most excited to try

For an additional entry:

  • Tell me YOUR all time favorite chocolate treat – it can be anything!

Good luck!

I’ll be choosing the winners Monday morning!

This contest is only open to US residents.

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Happy January + CSN Giveaway

Time for a giveaway! I told you exciting things were coming soon  Smile

As a Preferred Blogger, I’ve been given another chance to have an awesome giveaway for all of you. And, if you’re like me, online shopping is a way too much fun come January – all the more reason to have a gift card to use on whatever you want!

Maybe you’re in the market for a new laptop messenger bag or maybe you’re looking for some new bedding or you might even be searching for some new cookware (ps: I also have a super fun review coming soon!).


Whatever it is you’re looking for, CSN has it.

I’ve not only been able to hold giveaways and review some of their products, I’ve become a personal fan, as well. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve ever dealt with and it makes online shopping so much easier.


The Prize

A $100 Gift Code to use in any of CSN stores online.


How to Win

  • Leave a comment here with something you’ve been wanting lately – new pillows? shoes? a food processor? I want to know!

For additional entries

  • Leave a comment with a recipe you’d like to see me make-over into a healthier dish
  • Follow CSN on Twitter @csnstores and leave a comment letting me know you did


*This contest is open to U.S. and Canadian readers

I’ll pick a winner Monday January 24th – Good luck!

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What says “Happy Holidays” more than Chex Mix?

The holiday season is often the only time of year I have any type of Chex mix, but I want to change that!

Thanks to MyBlogSpark, Chex, and Kroger, I received a holiday Chex prize pack (including two boxes of Chex and a $25 gift card to Kroger for additional ingredients) to try out some festive holiday recipes and find new ways to use Chex cereal all year round.


My favorite Chex Mix recipes have always been the classic and puppy chow. I honestly haven’t tried any other variations, so this weekend, I decided to try a new recipe.


With a full day of football on Saturday and some nasty winter weather, it was the perfect day to make snacks and enjoy them during the games.


My choice?

The Big Game Chex Mix. It seemed fitting to have during the ACC Championship Game (Go Hokies!), and I love those honey mustard pretzels so I knew we would enjoy this one.

I didn’t have the smoked almonds, so I used roasted/salted cashews instead and I halved the entire recipe.

It still turned out delicious – crunchy, tangy and the perfect football-watching food.


And the best part?

I made this in less than 15 minutes AND I made it in the microwave! No oven required – just a few stops to stir and that was it. Easy!

Want a Chex Holiday Gift Pack of your own?

One lucky person will receive two packages of Chex Cereal along with a Kroger gift card to use to buy other ingredients you might need to make your dream Chex Mix.

Even better – the Kroger Family of Stores will have Chex cereal on sale so you can impress your guests without stressing your wallet. For 3 weeks, from December 2nd – December 25th, Kroger will offer Chex cereal at their lowest prices of the year!

To Enter:

  • Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite way to use Chex cereal

For an additional entry:

  • Check out all the Chex recipes and tell me which one you’re most excited to make!

I’ll pick a winner Monday, December 13th – Good luck!

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What’s better than a fun giveaway on Monday morning?

Especially when it’s the week of Thanksgiving, there’s a short work week ahead, and…just because it’s Monday.


After my muffin trial last week using this Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil – I want to share the fun!

And Tropical Traditions wants to share, too ; )

The prize? Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, just like the jar seen above.

To Enter:

Tell me what you’re looking forward to most about Thanksgiving. Easy!

For additional entries:

Subscribe to Tropical Traditions’ email Sales Newsletter

– Follow Tropical Traditions on Twitter @troptraditions

*For these additional entries, leave another comment letting me know you did so!


I’ll be picking a winner Monday, November 29th.

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An Oikos Holiday

I don’t know about you, but I love Oikos Greek Yogurt.


It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s tangy and delicious. It makes for great breakfasts and snacks and is awesome in baked goods.

So when I got an email asking if I wanted some coupons so I could try lightening up some of my favorite holiday dishes, I said yes right away!

Even better – they’re letting me give away an awesome Oikos Holiday Gift set to one of you!

Thanksgiving Giveaway 002

The holiday gift set will include:

  • Coupons for Oikos multipacks, 16 oz. containers, and quart containers of Stonyfield yogurt
  • A Stonyfield spatula to mix up all your fun dishes
  • 2 sets of recipes using Stonyfield yogurt!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to use yogurt OTHER than just eating with fruit – do you have any fun / different ways you use it?

I’ll be picking a winner Monday morning! Good luck!


And make sure to check out the Stonyfield and Oikos Facebook pages – they have some great information, lots of fun articles, and some great coupons!

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A Holiday Giveaway

If you’re like me, you’re very happy that the holiday season is here!

November 1st triggers the “holiday season” for me – Thanksgiving is officially less than a month away, family trips are just around the corner, pumpkin is everywhere, and I’m ready to celebrate and spend time with the ones I love.

To kick start YOUR holiday season, I’m working with CSN for a fun giveaway!


Ever shopped at CSN? They have everything from milk frothers to bedding to kitchen bar stools and more!


I’ve had the chance to do reviews and giveaways with them in the past, and I’ve been so impressed by their selection and great customer service.

So – as a holiday kickstart, CSN would like to give a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite thing about the holiday season! Food? Family? Holiday music? Decorations? Whatever it is, I want to know!

For additional entries:

  • Tweet about the giveaway: “@branappetit is giving away @CSNstores gift card to start the holiday season” – and leave me another comment letting me know
  • Post a comment on your blog (if you have one) and let me know in the comment section
  • If you DON’T have a blog and want another entry, tell me your all time favorite holiday dish that is ALWAYS on your table.

Good luck!

I’ll be choosing a winner on Thursday, November 11th!

Nick and I are heading out of town this weekend to spend some time with family – it will be full of fresh bread, pumpkin stuffed french toast, baby holding, and laughter. I cannot wait.

Enjoy your weekend and see you when we get back! Smile

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A few weeks ago, I got an offer to sample Sokenbicha Tea, Japan’s leading tea brand, before it made its U.S. debut at Whole Foods nationwide this October.

*I received these samples for free, but my opinions are my own.


Sokenbicha’s authentically brewed teas are unsweetened, contain zero calories and are made with tea blends and natural botanicals from around the globe. Sokenbicha is inspired by the teachings of Kampo, a traditional Japanese herbal approach to health and wellness dating back more than 1500 years.

The five varieties of Sokenbicha are:

  • Revive, a crisp oolong tea blend infused with pomegranate and raspberry notes, black tea and rose hips
  • Defend, a mild oolong tea blend with guava leaves and ginseng
  • Purify, an aromatic green tea blend with chamomile and aloe
  • Shape, a bold barley tea blend with peach flower notes, pu’er and green teas
  • Skin, a full-bodied barley tea blend with cinnamon and ginger

They recommend sampling the drinks in the above order, and I definitely agree! Sweet tea lovers will be drawn to Revive, traditional Chinese oolong tea fans will like Defend, green tea drinkers will enjoy Purify and adventure seekers will likely appreciate the bold Japanese-style barley teas Shape and Skin.

Nick and I had fun trying each flavor – they were so different from each other, and I love the variety and different blends.


Green tea is one of my favorites, especially iced, and I have to say that the Purify was my favorite. It was so fruity and sweet, I would have sworn it had added sugar or fruit juice, but it was just the blend of teas. Delicious!

Along with my tea samples, I also received a Sokenbicha reusable bag and journal.


And what makes these teas even better?

The beverages will be introduced in 15.2 fluid ounce bottles made from PlantBottleTM packaging – a PET plastic that features up to 30 percent plant based material. 100 percent recyclable, the bottles are made through a process that turns sugar cane and molasses into PET plastic. Sokenbicha™ has zero grams of sugar and zero calories and includes no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Cool, huh?

Want to win some Sokenbicha of your very own?

Three lucky winners will score their own Sokenbicha Tea samples along with eco-friendly shopping bag! Thumbs up

  • Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite type of tea – hot chai, iced black, green tea?

For additional entries:

  • Tweet: @BranAppetit is giving away @SokenbichaTea! and leave another comment letting me know you did
  • Link to this giveaway and leave another comment for me


I’ll be picking a winner Monday at lunch! Good luck Smile

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Avid cyclist Cathy was riding her bike on a beautiful spring morning when the heart monitor she wore while exercising started beeping like crazy. Her heart rate had jumped to 220 beats per minute. She thought her heart monitor was bad. Cathy’s husband and cycling partner Robert insisted on taking her to the minor emergency clinic. “He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” said Cathy, 37. “I kept thinking, ‘how can I get out of this?’”

At the clinic, it became clear that the problem was more serious than Cathy had thought. “I hadn’t felt any major symptoms – maybe just a little shortness of breath, a little tightness in the chest. I was riding my bike, for goodness sake!” Cathy was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but she still wasn’t scared. “I thought they were being overly cautious and that I would be home in time to watch ‘Desperate Housewives.’”

But Cathy was in ventricular tachycardia (v-tach), a condition in which the heart’s pumping chambers beat too fast.

In the emergency room, she was given drugs to slow her heart rate. That’s when the pain started. “The first drug felt like someone had put a 100-pound weight on my chest,” Cathy said. “When the first dosage had no effect, they doubled it – to no avail. My heart kept beating at 220 beats per minute. Finally, they decided that they needed to shock me out of the bad rhythm.” Still, Cathy wasn’t afraid. “I had no idea how serious it was. I had been healthy all my life.” After Cathy was stabilized, doctors found she has an unexplained case of cardiomyopathy. This rare but serious disease causes the heart muscle to become inflamed and not work as well as it should – and it caused the v-tach. Cathy would need a dual defibrillator and pacemaker implanted in her chest. “I got a little scared and started to cry. When I realized my life was going to change, I had a little pity party.” Long ago, Cathy had already made changes for the better. She’d grown up in a Catholic Hispanic family, with four brothers and four sisters. “My oldest sister nicknamed me ‘baby hippo.’ I was pleasantly plump.” The family’s meals were delicious, Cathy said, but not the healthiest. The “ultimate” tomboy, Cathy climbed trees with her brothers, fished with her dad and played kickball and basketball with her friends. In college, she played intramural volleyball, basketball and softball. Her love of sports and physical activity continued as an adult. She also enjoyed a heart-healthy diet.Yet here she was, needing major surgery and a device to regulate her heartbeat for the rest of her life. “I ate right and exercised, and I didn’t abuse drugs or alcohol. But maybe if I hadn’t done those things, my body may not have been strong enough to withstand all that I had been through.”

She was in the hospital for 10 days. “I had never been so miserable in my life. I couldn’t keep anything down and I hurt something awful. I ended up dehydrated and they had to keep me at the hospital for an extra 24 hours.” The device implanted in her chest at first caused pain and made sleep difficult.

During her recovery, it became important to Cathy to connect with other women sharing similar life-changing experiences. She found the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Web site, where she was drawn to the women she read about. “It’s like having your own family. When you’re challenged by similar circumstances, you can come together and talk about it. I believe that our attitude is at the heart of our challenge.”

Little by little, Cathy has tried to resume her active physical life, but she has trouble keeping up on bike rides to favorite spots with her husband – through downtown Houston and their favorite park. “I believe my cardiovascular system is out of shape. When I try to increase my speed, my heart rate jumps up. My husband can clip along at about 18 to 22 mph, so moving at 13 to 14 mph isn’t much fun for either of us.”

Even though their bike rides have slowed down, their relationship has improved. Love and laughter have become a big part of Cathy’s life and marriage. “Now we call each other up to say ‘how are you doing? I love you.’ We have fun. We don’t take each other so seriously; we poke fun at our idiosyncrasies. Our relationship has gotten a lot stronger.”

Cathy – Houston, TX

Age: 39

Age at time of event: 37

For my family’s personal experiences with heart disease, go here.


The first ever BranAppetit! Giveaway!

Winner will receive a year subscription of their choice of the following magazines:

To enter:

– Leave a comment on THIS post

For a second entry:

– Post a link on your blog (if you have one) and email me to let me know you did so

– If you don’t have a blog, send me an email with “Magazine Contest” in the subject

The contest is open until Sunday, March 15th, at midnight. I’ll draw random number on Monday and announce the winner!


We’ll be traveling after work to Nick’s parents house for a weekend with his family and mine. I will be blogging as I can  🙂 I’m sure there will be lots of eating and shopping involved, as usual.

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