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We move into our new house next week, and the only items we’ve boxed up? Books, cds, sheets, an extra comforter, and random other stuff in a dresser that we haven’t used since we put them away.

I haven’t gone running or done any other kind of exercise since late October.


I was training for a half marathon that was in November, but after my ER visit and scheduling my surgery, I stopped because I was scared that something else would happen with that cyst. I’m thinking of easing back into yoga once I can move without pain again.

I’m not ashamed to admit that my very favorite Christmas album is this:


Yup, Hanson.

Don’t knock it until you hear it! My little sister and I used to be totally in love with the Hanson boys. We had a binder that we filled with pictures of them from magazines like Bop (do you remember that?) and Teen Bop. We also had a concert on tape…it was a little ridiculous, but fun : ) And maybe I don’t listen to their regular cd anymore, but my entire family loves their Christmas album. Get it!

Last week, this house felt like it was in full holiday mode, minus a tree and decorations.



I have recipes ready to be shared but am in a total brain fog when it comes to putting the posts together. One is a special family recipe of sorts and I have no idea how to start telling the story. But no fear – it will be coming soon, I’m sure.

Some days, I just want holiday candy for breakfast. And lunch.



Help Holly + me raise money for Jovenes en Camino, an orphanage in Honduras for abused, homeless and orphaned children. Tis’ the season for  giving – we hope you’ll join us in this challenge.

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