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Busy Bran

Today has been busy, busy.

Busy at work, and busy trying to get last minute stuff done before leaving for Honduras a week from today! Ah!

I have a monster list going of everything we need to pack and things we need to buy this weekend before leaving. Let’s just the say the list keeps getting longer and I’m getting a little anxious about making sure we have everything!

Any guesses what lunch was?



Yup.  And good ones!


Leftover pasta pie + roasted asparagus. Am I the only one that thinks pasta gets better after sitting at least one night? It always tastes better the second time to me – I guess because the sauce gets to really soak into the pasta.


And more cantaloupe + a few berries

I’ve got a full afternoon of work, then a chiropractor appointment, a trip to the pharmacy for some meds for our trip, then home for dinner.

Today is the LAST day to get your guest post to me if you want one posted while I’m gone! It can be about anything – use your imagination  🙂

What are your packing/prepping methods before leaving on a trip?

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Name That Dream

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has (and remembers) crazy dreams sometimes!

One dream that I used to have a lot when I was younger – are you ready for this? – was that King Kong came to our town and was eating everyone.

They hired me to train him to eat candy instead, so I would ride around town on his shoulders and he would rip the roofs off of 7-11s and take all the candy and we would just walk around the city, laughing and eating all kinds of candy together. Specifically mambas, Hershey’s bars, and the crazy dips – those are some of the ones I remember.

The dream goes fine like that until he decides he wants to eat people again, and I always wake up right when he is dangling me over his mouth… crazy, right? And I remember having that dream at least 10 times when I was younger.

The weirdest part? I’ve never even seen King Kong!

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now. Even knowing that dreams aren’t real, I’m always surprised how much one can really affect me and my mood.

Lunch may look a little familiar  🙂


I had the last serving (yay!) of the alpine mushroom pasta + TONS, like 3 cups of broccoli at the bottom of the dish.

I’m happy that this is the last serving because I’m ready for something else AND I’m happy and proud that we didn’t end up throwing any of it away. I hate wasting food.

Plus some cantaloupe/berries.

Back to work!

Please make sure to get your guest post to me by tomorrow night if you’d like one posted while I’m gone next week! The ones I’ve received so far are great, and I can’t wait to put them up!

Since we’re on the subjects of dreams today, what’s the craziest/weirdest/best/whatever dream you’ve had that you remember?

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Cookie Failure

Well, I tried making the cookies tonight but I guess it was still just a little too humid. They’re not totally ruined, but they definitely didn’t set up like normal.

No worries though – we always find some way of finishing them, even if we just have to scoop them off the parchment paper with a spoon  😉

I was so busy at work today! Tons of submissions, emails, plus I had to send reminder letters, do my leave report….it felt like today was never going to end!

I brought out my afternoon snack around 4


I packed some celery + some spicy three pepper hummus. Man! I forgot how spicy this hummus is! My eyes were watering a bit, but it was good.

We got home and I got started on the cookies that didn’t quite make it while Nick finished pruning our pear tree. After working on that stuff for about an hour, I got dinner ready.

Dinner was pretty easy since the major part was leftover pasta pie.


Or pile o’ noodles  🙂


It may not have stayed in “perfect pie slices” but this pasta pie sure is tasty!


I also roasted some asparagus for about 10 minutes while I reheated the pasta.

I’m going to finish watching some HIMYM  with Nick and pack lunch for tomorrow.

Make sure to check out even more giveaways – there’s tons today!

What is your favorite cookie?

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Bring Out Your Geek

Looks like the pancake craze is catching on! I can’t believe some of the flavor combinations people are coming up with, but I love it!

My baking-powder-less pancakes kept me full all the way until lunch time, which is awesome. That icing made those pancakes. I think I need to make a vat of the icing just to have on hand…

Lunch today was thanks to (duh) more leftovers – are we ever without some type of leftover? I don’t think so.


I brought a serving of the Alpine Mushroom Pasta and added about 1-2 cups of broccoli for a little more veggie-action.

Plus some super juicy cantaloupe (a really good one!) and a few berries leftover from this morning.

Such a produce-filled lunch! That makes me happy.

So, in fun news – today is Embrace your Geekiness Day!

In honor of that, I thought I would give you a taste of just how geeky I really am sometimes.

  • Syntax was one of my favorite classes in college. Yes, it’s all grammar and diagramming sentences…but so much fun!
  • I know all the words to every song in The Sound of Music. Why? I had the soundtrack. In high school.
  • I went to summer school through middle school because I wanted to. Those summer enrichment programs were so much fun!

Alright, so spill it – embrace the geek in you! What makes you a geek sometimes?

Oh, and make sure to check out all these awesome giveaways!

Make sure to get your guest post to me by this wednesday!!! It can be anything – recipes, review, before and after story, health or exercise related, short story, cartoon, whatever you like  🙂

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Reese’s in a Cup

Sounds good, right? I’ll get to that in a minute  🙂

Our weather has turned out better than I expected today! It’s not raining, but it is muggy which is putting a damper on my cookie-baking plans. I want to make my mom’s famous cookies, but they will not set up unless the weather is just right, so I’m hoping some of the mugginess heads outta here in a couple hours.

I had to go pick up a few last things from the store after church – I’m glad I don’t normally get all my groceries on Sunday afternoon. The store was packed today – I like to go when there isn’t anyone else in the store except for the workers. I don’t have to fight with people in the aisles, wait to get around people, or wait in long lines to checkout.

After maneuvering my way out of Kroger, I headed home and put together a quick lunch.


Nick and I split the last of the “bbq” I made with the pork loin, and I cooked up some fresh corn from the market and some green beans.


This corn was so good – perfectly sweet and tender. When you have corn this fresh and ripe, there’s no need for anything other than a little salt + pepper. Perfect!

And then….we napped  🙂  I like Sunday afternoon naps. It’s one of my favorite things about the weekend – we take an hour or so to just rest after whatever else we’ve done over the weekend and gives us a break from whatever we’re doing on Sunday, too.

Of course, napping makes me hungry, too. I don’t know what it is! It’s like sleeping burns off my lunch and then I need a snack.

Enter Reese’s In A Cup.


I made one my best smoothies yet!

  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla pudding powder
  • 1/2 Tbsp PB2
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 5 ice cubes

I’m not a big fan of PB2 mixed up as actual peanut butter to use on bread, etc, but I LOVE it in smoothies and sauces and other recipes.


Blend it up and top with a little Hershey’s syrup – this tastes like a reese cup with a little hint of banana. I think the vanilla pudding powder was the perfect addition. Since the pudding powder is sweet and the cocoa powder is not, this was just sweet enough.

I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do, so I guess I better get of my butt and get moving  🙂

See you for a fun dinner! I’m excited – and cross your fingers for good cookie weather!

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What a day so far!

I started out with the opposite of the breakfast of champions. I should have known better:


A banana


a hb egg

and a latte I got before grocery shopping that wasn’t even worth photographing. Blech! It makes me sad that it was so bad because this place used to be my favorite – they have a new owner now, though, and it’s definitely NOT as good.

Today has just been strange and not on any type of schedule that I thought it would.

Nick had me drop him off this morning to go fishing in the kayak, but he had to fix a fishing rod holder, so we left later than planned this morning.

I headed out to go to the market + get groceries around 11. I went to Walmart for light bulbs, tp, and a battery and then drove to downtown for the farmers market.

Only….it wasn’t there? I walked to the normal spot and it was gone! I was sure it was open until 2 pm, but it was only noon and nothing was there.

So, I walked back to my car and started to just go to kroger to get everything. Of course, as soon as I leave the parking lot and start driving, I see the farmer’s market!!! They changed their location, so I had to turn around, park again, and walk over to get peaches (yay!), corn, and a loaf of cinnamon bread.

I finally got over to Kroger to finish my shopping and just got home around 2:30, starved and ready for lunch.


I heated up some leftover barley veggie risott-no and put it over a huge pile of romaine + sliced tomato.


And I also just broke into this  🙂


I got this in one of my birthday presents a few weeks ago and have been waiting to dig in – it was perfect, especially cold out of the fridge.  Thanks Tiff!

Alright, it’s time to go again.

Nick and I are going to see the Avett Brothers tonight with my boss/friend and her boyfriend. I’m sure we’ll be back late – hope you’re having a good Saturday!

Do you ever just wake up in a funk/weird mood?

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Out, Then In

Ah…Friday night  🙂

What is better than just knowing you don’t have to get up and go to work the next day? Not much.

Nick and I went out for lunch today at a relatively new place here, Bull & Bones.

I think one of my favorite things about this place is that they don’t bring out normal bread or yeast rolls. Oh no.


They bring out this pretzel bread with some of the best mustard I’ve ever had. I wish the pretzel rolls had a bit more salt, but they’re so, so good and a great change from regular bread. This mustard is tart and spicy – it has a nice kick, which I like.

I ordered the club sandwich on wheatberry bread, but got their roasted veggies instead of chips.



I ate all my veggies, one of those pretzel rolls  :), and half my sandwich. The other half will make great leftovers for Nick or I this weekend! Instead of mayo, it had an apricot chipotle spread on it – I loved the sweet/spicy aspect of that with the smoked cheddar, turkey, and ham.

I also had more watermelon when I got back to my office.


The last of it, finally! I’m actually sad it’s gone! I may need to buy another one for this week.

One of my coworker’s friends and her husband came by today with their 3.5 week old baby boy and he was adorable! It was so fun to hold him – he is probably one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. It was a nice way to drain away a bit of Friday afternoon.

Thank goodness, it was not raining when we got home. In fact, it didn’t rain today at all even though it was super gloomy.

But I was not in the mood AT ALL to run. Not one bit.

But we went anyway.

Now I’m glad that we did because we have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow and we probably wouldn’t be able to go. I felt good once we were done, but it was tough today. I felt slow, my legs were heavy and tight from all the yoga the past 2 days, and my arms were hurting at the end of the run again (from yoga). The funny thing is that “slow” for me today is still faster than “slow” at this point last year – I just forget that when we’re actually running  🙂

We had those Alpine Mushroom Pasta leftovers tonight – yum.


I really like this dish a lot! I’ll have to remember this one for the future. It was so easy and quick to make.


I’ve got some exciting plans for tonight!

  • Laundry
  • Laying on the couch in my pajamas
  • Watching What Not to Wear

I love lazy Friday nights  🙂

  • Check out this awesome yoga love giveaway over at An Apple A Day!
  • Gina, the resident Fitnessista, is giving away a raw-some cookbook!
  • Make sure to get your guest posts to me by July 15th if you want them posted while I’m in Honduras – I’m up for any topic, so get creative and send them on!

Do you usually have fun plans on Friday nights or lounge around and take it easy?

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Man, I was hungry today!

First, lunch.

I packed a simple salad of romaine + roma tomato


and then dumped a serving of my veggie and barley risott-no on top to maximize the veggie goodness.


Plus some watermelon! It’s still going, and going…


I have at least 2 cups left! Watch out for more tomorrow  🙂

Work was pretty normal this afternoon, but my stomach was super hungry for some reason.

I had this cookie I picked up at lunch


It definitely looks bigger than it was – just a regular-a-little-smaller-than-my-palm chocolate chip cookie.

Of course, that didn’t put a dent in my hunger so I had the snack I packed for today – one serving of kashi sunshine + about 1/2 cup milk.


I love this cereal! It tastes like a mix of Capn’ Crunch and Kix. It’s Just Sweet Enough 🙂

Finally, my belly was happy. I drank some water and made it through the day.

Nick had a chiropractor appointment today, so I came home and did 2 20-minute yoga downloads – the Power Vinyasa Flow and a Hip Opening Flow. What a great way to spend 40 minutes winding down and breaking a sweat after work! I was only going to do one download, but the laundry was still in the dryer and Nick wasn’t back yet, so I just went ahead and kept going. I’m glad I did, because that hip opening download felt ah-mazing.

Plus, it’s always easier for me to spend more time working out when I know I have easy leftovers in the fridge.


We heated up the leftovers of the Hawaiian Chicken dish from last night, and I think it was even better!

Dishes with flavors like ginger, soy, and chile/garlic seem to get better after they sit. Tonight’s meal definitely proved that point – it was so spicy and the ginger really stood out tonight.


Makes me want to say aloha 🙂

I’ve been pretty productive tonight!

  • Yoga – done
  • Laundry – folded + put away
  • Dinner – eaten and enjoyed
  • Pajamas – on  😉
  • Fun breakfast plan for tomorrow – done
  • Hard boiled eggs – cooking right now
  • Lunch packed – about to do that

Now the only things left are to have some popcorn + watch Top Chef Masters tonight! The guest is Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney from HIMYM, aka Doogie Howser.

Do you have random super hungry days? Are there tried and true foods that satisfy you on days like that?

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Pluggin’ Along

I’ve just been pluggin’ along today at work, getting stuff done and working through my emails.

I was very ready for lunch when it was time to eat! Funny how some days I could wait a while longer and some days, I’m ready to chew my arm off waiting for Nick to get over here and eat.

I brought some of my risott-no from last night plus a little leftover chicken.


A sliced tomato


And some watermelon. This is from a personal watermelon, just like the one Heather has. And yes, the label and sign actually said “personal watermelon”. It still had a lot of fruit, though, once we cut it up – way more than I could eat in one sitting.


Back to work I go, but here’s some fun stuff for you!

Happy Birthday Mark!

MixMyGranola is having a contest in honor of National Picnic Month (July)!

And of course we want to know what is in your Picnic Granola Mix and are giving away a $25.00 Gift Certificate to MixMyGranola! All you have to do is to create your ideal Picnic Granola Mix on MixMyGranola.com and email us at sweepstakes@mixmygranola.com to let us know what ingredients are in your Picnic Granola. We will randomly pick a winner from all entries that we have received by Friday, July 10th!

– Did you know today is National Strawberry Sundae day AND Chocolate Day? Nicole from Real Simple tipped me off to this, so I’ve got my thinking cap on for tonight. Here’s a few sundae recipes to get the creative juices flowing:

– Make sure to check out Zesty’s post on strawberries today, too! He’s got some great ideas on how to use them and you can add your own!

– Um…and I am the only one sad that Jenna Fischer (aka Pam) is not engaged to Jim in real life? They’re so cute together on the show – they should just carry that over and be cute together all the time.

Are you going to have a sundae today? If so, let me know and I’ll post it! We can have a Strawberry Sundae special in honor of this super important holiday.

What’s your favorite sundae topping?

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Back to Work

Although there are many places I would rather be than at work, it is nice to be back in somewhat of a routine. There’s just something about a routine that feels safe, right? I mean, I’m all for weekends like I just had where we decide last minute where to eat, when to do this, how long to nap  🙂  But it feels good to get back into somewhat of a comfortable routine with food, work, exercise, etc.

And thank goodness – the first day back after this crazy weekend has not been too super busy. I was hoping my inbox wasn’t busting at the seams, and I was happy to see that it wasn’t. I cannot say the same thing about my google reader, though! Whew! Too many blogs, not enough time.

Lunch today came courtesy of my bulging fridge. I had the last of the ww pasta + turkey meatballs + sauce from last week


Plus the leftover salad from lunch yesterday – romaine, tomato, orange/yellow peppers


and some more watermelon!


Our fridge looks like that closet or the underneath of your bed where you throw everything when company is coming over – I’m a little scared of a food avalanche happening when I open the fridge, so I’m looking forward to getting through all that food this week.

Some fun blog contests to see!

– Danica is giving away some greens! These things have been growing like weeds on the blogs! and I want that shaker cup  🙂

– There are a bunch of coupons up for grabs over at An Apple a Day!

Do you like routines or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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