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Other title option? Pleather is the New Pillow.

Remember this room?


That bedding was from the old house and obviously didn’t match anything.

And while this wallpaper isn’t what Nick and I would have chosen, it’s actually really pretty in person – very busy, but very pretty.

Since we have quite a few projects we’d like to tackle before worrying about this wallpaper, I wanted to keep the rest of the items in this room simple so nothing would clash with the pattern on the walls.


You also saw this room last weekend while it was still in disarray. Nick had to adjust a few things in the frame to make it fit the mattress we had, but after that was done and thanks to a fun house shopping trip this past weekend with Nick’s mom, the bedding is done!


And I love it.



The best part is that everything was either free or cheap!

We got the quilt and shams from Nick’s parents because it was an old set they weren’t using any longer.

The blanket is from Big Lots. Super soft and cozy.

The beige sheets are from Kohls, I think? They were bought right after the holidays on super sale.


These awesome brown pleather pillows were in a set of 2 from TJMaxx this weekend and only $20!

And the mauve microfiber pillow was $6 or $8, also from Big Lots.

SO much better, right?

I like that the pleather gives it a more rustic look and keeps the room from looking too fancy schmancy with that wallpaper.

Now if we can just get the rest of the house caught up ; ) It’s a work in progress! But we do have a new living room rug on the way, and I can’t wait to see that.

Are you doing any redecorating right now?


Our next big project is that kitchen – the fruit wallpaper will be coming down!

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With everything that’s been going on with the new house and work and winter weather, it’s been busy!

My blogging schedule has changed – and I don’t mind it – but it’s taking me a while to find a balance again with everything else, too. Our new house is awesome and we love it and just feel so blessed to be in the place that we’re in, but we also have an even longer drive to work every day, which has caused us to make some changes in our schedules.

All in all, things are going well. It’s just taking some time to get used to it all.

While I haven’t been documenting all our meals, I’ve been trying to make sure I get pictures of great new recipes and things that are happening.

And right now, these are some of my favorite things:


My nephew. Seriously – one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. And I’m not just saying that because he’s family! He’s adorable, right?


Our hallway with the cabinet we got from Nick’s parents. The house is coming together and no longer feels empty.


These Xpress SmartCups that I won from Janetha!

They’re travel french press cups and they have given us the option for fresh coffee on a few busy mornings lately : )


So easy to use: put your coffee grounds in the cup, add in your boiling water, put the lid on and let it sit/brew for a few minutes – then take the rod and press into the lid slowly until it clicks in at the bottom.


And you can’t really see it in this picture, but right in the lid (where you take your sips), there’s a thin layer of mesh that also helps keep any grounds from getting out into your coffee.


I love these cups! I’m going to be sad when they’re gone.


But my favorite 2 things?

1. I finally have a KitchenAid! My mom and dad bought this for us as a housewarming present, since we finally have room for a stand mixer in this house. I am so excited about this and have been baking up a storm!

2. Eating dinner at a real table.


At our old house, our layout was a bit strange and our “dining room table” was more of a catch-all in a room that also served as a “catch-all” so we never ate at our table.

In the new house, we have dinner at our table every night and just catch up on the day. No tv blaring right in our faces OR in the background – just us enjoying our meal. It’s been really nice to have that time together each evening.


What about you? What are you loving right now?

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First things first: I have a real, live pantry! No more cramming canned goods and cereal into regular cabinets…or having things fall out on my head whenever I open the cabinet doors.


Sorry for the empty rooms – I haven’t had the chance to take pictures this week in the daylight with our stuff in the house.

But they’re coming – our internet is being hooked up tomorrow so I’ll have the time to take some more pictures.


Obviously, not everything in this house is our style or something we would choose ourselves, but those things are easy to fix. And the other bigger projects? They can wait a few years. We’ll slowly put our mark on our home while keeping the charm of this old farmhouse in tact.

We’ll be tackling small projects at a time. First things to be done? Wallpaper, most likely.

Since the house was originally built in the mid 1920’s, the majority of the house still has the latham plaster walls, which leaves us two options: get the walls done with a textured plaster or re-wallpaper. We’re okay keeping some wallpaper in the house since it fits the time period, but we definitely want to update the paper and pick out prints and colors that we like.

And I’m so happy we have another claw foot tub in this house. We had one in the old place and I didn’t want to give that up! But we’ll eventually be getting rid of all the gold fixtures in here. We’re silver people.



The front room (which also has the fireplace and antique mantle) has the textured plaster on the walls. It’s one room we don’t have to worry about.

I also love love LOVE the foot-tall baseboards in the house. They’ve never been painted, and the wood work is beautiful.

Also – see that front door? It’s the only front door that has EVER been on this house. So, in 14 years, the house (and this door and the floors) will be 100 years old! Crazy.


Maggie and Roxy are adjusting well to the move. I don’t think Maggie cares where she is as long as she has her toys and can play in the snow.

And Nick and I are totally enjoying the fireplace. It’s so warm and cozy in that front room at night.


Who knew moving could be so exhausing and exciting at the same time?

Sunday night, Nick and I went to bed at 9:30. I think buying this house aged us overnight.

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O Christmas Tree

**tap, tap**

Is this thing on?

I have been completely unplugged for days and have loved every minute Smile 

It’s been filled with moving, family, and 8 inches of snow.

The great thing is that we’re pretty much set up in the new house! Just a few more boxes to  go through and unpack and we’ll be ready to start working on some projects we have planned. There will definitely be pictures soon – we’re still working on some rooms and have big plans for future projects (mostly wallpaper, thank goodness) but it’ll be exciting to get started on those!

But because of a lapse in moving from our old house the new, our cable/internet isn’t being hooked up at the new house until Wednesday so I haven’t watched tv or gone online or seen any football games (!) since last week.

And it’s been a nice break – just spending time unpacking things, sitting in front of our fireplace with family and our Christmas tree, and drinking lots of coffee.

So…in the mean time, I’ll be bringing my laptop into work so I can post at lunch.

Here’s to being back! And to celebrating the end of 2010.

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our family, and I hope you did, too.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a crazy day of running around to our walk through and closing on our new house, Nick and I headed to a local tree farm.


Fun fact: One man that works in my office also has a Christmas Tree farm! They only have organic and sustainably grown trees and they have a great selection, so we drove up the mountain to pick one out for our new house.

Even with all the craziness of this week with the move and with the holiday itself and our family that are coming to visit, we really wanted to get a real tree and have a fun holiday setting in our new house this weekend.

My family has always had real Christmas trees – never fakes – and it’s the only way I want it. You just can’t beat that smell in the house; no candle or spray can match it!


We got a beautiful 7-8 foot Douglas Fir – and it’s a biggie! Much bigger in the house than we thought it would be, but it’s beautiful.

Full, round, and just waiting to be covered with ornaments.

My mountain man cut down our tree and hauled it back up the hill to the truck so we could take it home – to our new home.

I’m so excited that we got to have a real tree for our first Christmas in our new house!

Pictures coming!

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The New House: Bedding

Now that it’s December, I can officially say that we’ll be moving this month! It’s still a little crazy to me and doesn’t quite feel real yet, but I am very excited about getting into our first home.

Even though the contract is signed and things are moving (we close later this month), there are still places where the house is listed online so I’m not going to post pictures just yet – but they’ll definitely be here once we’re in the house.

Since I don’t want to put up pictures of the house yet, I figured I could at least show some of things we’ve bought for the house.

First up?


You’ve seen this quilt before, but this is the picture of the whole set.


This quilt / shams are from Kohl’s and are for the master bedroom.

We’ve been using this quilt for a few months now, and I love it. Since it’s a lighter weight quilt, we’ve layered it with a soft blanket above our sheets to keep us warm on these chilly winter nights.

As for our guest bedroom (our first ever real guest room!), I picked up this quilt at Kohl’s on Black Friday while it was on super sale.


The colors in this are even prettier up close. I love the deep rich chocolate brown paired with the crisp white and pale greens and blues.

And, we will have another guest room! But I didn’t buy any new bedding for that room – Nick’s mom and dad had a beige/cream quilt they weren’t using so we’re going to bring that home to use in the other room. It will actually be perfect because the room it’s going in has very busy wallpaper at the moment so a plain/simple.

I know some people don’t like quilts, but they will be great in this house. The home itself was originally built in the 1920s and I wanted to keep that feeling in the house while finding colors and prints that are a little more updated.

I can’t wait to show you pictures of the house!

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