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Solo Sunday

Man, my abs are sore! Paddling in the kayak is different than a canoe – if you do it right, you actually use your abs more than your arms or shoulders, and I can feel it today!

Nick had to go to church early today to help with the sound, so I had breakfast solo today. And it’s back to Sunday breakfast!


2 over easy eggs on some oatbran –


Seriously – sometimes nothing beats this in the morning.

I also had a market peach + raspberries.


The raspberries were perfect, but I was a little eager on the peach. It tasted good, but it definitely wasn’t perfectly ripe yet. I’ll make myself wait on the rest of them  🙂

I’ve got to get some coffee and get going!

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Mini Migraine

Uh oh – I feel one coming! Just during lunch a small headache is starting to pop up. That just will not do. Any get rid of headache fast tips?

Breakfast this morning was good, good, good. I missed my eggs.


eggs + oatbran

Plus some of our last cherries + strawberries


Plus some coffee at work.

Work was busy this morning, and I actually got hungry around 11:30, but I didn’t want to ruin my lunch so I chugged some water to hold out until Nick got here right around noon.


I had some of the enchilada pasta I made this weekend – so good! I’ll post the recipe soon, promise!

Plus some leftover roasted broccoli from last night.


I’m hoping this food, water, and caffeine from the coffee will kick in and get rid of this headache, but we’ll see.

I think everything is going ahead with the truck! The guy is picking it up tonight, so just a few last things to do.

I also finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last night – LOVED it. I want a farm. But now I need new books  🙂  I already have a list going, but I wanted to see what some of you are reading or have read lately.

Good book suggestions? I like just about anything. I’m itching to get into another book already – I missed reading on the way to work!

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Simple Start

Good morning!

I totally slept on the couch until about 2 am when Nick came and asked me if I was coming to bed  – oops! I just wasn’t tired when he went to bed, but I guess I fell asleep at some point and I slept good.

Neither Nick or I were in the mood for our usual Sunday breakfast – strange, right? It’s been a long time that I haven’t had eggs + bacon in some form on a Sunday, but I was looking forward to this bowl of simple and fresh foods.


I haven’t had oatbran in a while, and I’m glad I chose it this morning.


It was the perfect vehicle for my farmer’s market raspberries 🙂


For this bowl, I used

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • fresh strawberries and raspberries
  • flax

Sometimes, simple is just what I need.

I’ve got coffee to take with me to church and the 2 dishes for the potluck – it should be good!

What’s your favorite simple meal?

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Remotely Working

Happy Monday morning!

I am very excited that today is my first ever telework day! Tim Kaine, the Governor of Virginia, signed an executive order making today a “Statewide Telework Day” for anyone that is able to do that. I’m happy to say that my office was working on making this happen while I was in Honduras and they were able to find a way to give us access to everything we need to work from home. Our office offically went “paperless” almost a year ago so my entire job is on the computer: database, email, shared files, internet system.

We’ll see how today goes! I know that Tim Kaine is very interested in having as many people as possible teleworking by January 2010 since it helps cut down on car emissions and other things with people having to get to work every day.

I did still get up at my normal time and took my shower, but I did not dry my hair which was fun. I hate drying my hair and would much rather just let it air dry everyday if I could.

I couldn’t decide on what to have for breakfast today and I ended up eating later than normal, but I finally started cooking.


I made 2 over easy eggs on some oatbran, but not until after I dropped an egg on the floor  😦  I hate cleaning up raw egg – it’s so sticky and gross. The eggs were good on the oatbran, though, and kind of made up for it.


I also had a peach from the farmer’s market to round out breakfast. This worked out perfectly for us this morning. I bought 3 peaches and 3 nectarines Saturday and 1 of each was ripe today so Nick took the nectarine with him in his lunch, and I had this peach with breakfast. Good and juicy.

I’m working on making some coffee right now and getting to work!

Do you get to work from home at all? or have you ever in the past?

Please also keep Meghann in your thoughts and prayers  – losing a pet is never, ever easy.

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Takin’ It Easy

This morning has been so nice.

No alarm clock, lounging around, making breakfast, drinking coffee with my feet up on the ottoman…

I wish every day could be like this! It’s a good thing we were able to sleep in a little today because we have to leave Nick’s parents’ house tomorrow at 2 AM!!!

Since we had more time for breakfast today, we decided to cook the rest of the bacon and have a “Sunday” breakfast on Tuesday.


I finally finished off the cantaloupe, plus the last of the strawberries and had 2 small slices of bacon.


Plus 2 over easy eggs over oatbran! I did miss the oatbran on Sunday – it has a better flavor and texture and I really like it with the eggs.

And some coffee, obviously.


We’re up, fed, and showered so now it’s just time to finish packing and get everything in the car to head to Nick’s parents house.

What’s one thing you always take with you on a trip?

I’ve made list after list, and I still always feel like I’m going to forget something  🙂

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Rainy Start

Well, the rain came back this morning. It’s coming down right now and has been thundering this morning so I don’t think today is going to be very pretty. Our tomatoes need more rain, though, so I guess that’s good!

Since it was so dark, gray and gloomy this morning, I needed a bright and colorful breakfast.


Thank goodness for fresh fruit!


  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 sliced peach, blackberries, raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp pecan pieces


I love fresh peaches, and these ones from the market are so good. I wish I had bought more!

I know what you’re thinking – no pancakes this morning? Believe me, I have a few more ideas but I only have enough egg whites to make ONE more batch, so I’m saving them for a fun one tomorrow  🙂

This week feels like it’s gone by so slow, but I’m glad it’s finally Thursday.

Do your weeks feel like they go by slowly or way too fast?

Mine are usually super slow, unless it’s fun stuff or vacation – then everything goes way too fast!

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I had the most disturbing dream last night. Not scary, not bloody, nothing like that. But it really affected me. I was up earlier than normal because I just didn’t want to go back to sleep.

I hate how dreams can feel so real sometimes. I know what happened in my dream was totally not true, but the main topic of my dream (and what the distrubing dream was ultimately about) IS real, very real for me this week.

Needless to say, I was in kind of a strange mood when I woke up. Not angry or mad but just very confused and hurt, I guess. Even though it’s not real! and I know that!

After all that and trying to decompress with a little early morning news, I wanted a comforting breakfast.



Sometimes, nothing beats some runny eggs over oatbran  🙂

Plus this amazing peach from our farmer’s market!


Best one of the season, hands down. Good thing we still have a bowl full for this week! I also had a few raspberries, blackberries, and some turkey bacon.

Do you ever crazy dreams? Do you actually remember them once you wake up?

I actually remember a lot of my dreams. I still remember a bunch I had when I was younger and ones that I had repeatedly, which was strange.

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Recovering Breakfast

Good morning!

The concert last night was so much fun!!! Of course, I left my purse in the car and forgot to bring my camera in – oops! It was a great show, though. We didn’t get home until after midnight, hence the no post last night + I have no pictures!

I have a feeling there will be a nap sometime this afternoon  🙂 in between lots of laundry and cleaning!

Nick had to go to church early this morning to help with the sound setup, but we still had time to make part of our normal Sunday breakfast!

eggsEggs + oatbran

Plus some kiwi, strawberries, and 2 slices of turkey bacon


and some French Press coffee, thanks to Nick  🙂


I’m off to finish getting ready for church!

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Friday Morning Feast

Thank you all so much for your comments, suggestions, and thoughts last night – I appreciate them  🙂

Happy happy Friday!!! I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend!

While I didn’t have pancakes today, I did make a good breakfast to have instead.


2 over easy eggs on some oatbran


Plus some strawberries + kiwi.

Don’t worry though – this isn’t the end of the pancake challenge  🙂  I’ve just got to finalize some ideas and make sure I have the ingredients!

What’s your favorite part about Fridays?

Mine is probably that it’s “casual” Friday at work so I get to wear jeans! That makes me so happy, since I would live in jeans if I could.

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Bran in Real Life

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I think I need one more day to the weekend to recover from everything we did the past couple of days! It does not help that it is gloomy, gray, and rainy this morning, either.

I was really craving eggs this morning, so that’s what I had.


One of these eggs had a double yolk! Is that good luck or something? I couldn’t get a good picture of it, though  😦


Runny eggs + oatbran is way too good.

I also had some leftover fruit –  grapes, raspberries, cherries


I’m so sad it’s already Monday – this weekend went by too fast! Both of my supervisors are back this week, though, so work should be getting back to normal over the next couple of days. I hope today isn’t too crazy in the office! I need a recovery day  🙂

What did you do this weekend? Fireworks? Cookout?

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