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Out, Then In

Ah…Friday night  🙂

What is better than just knowing you don’t have to get up and go to work the next day? Not much.

Nick and I went out for lunch today at a relatively new place here, Bull & Bones.

I think one of my favorite things about this place is that they don’t bring out normal bread or yeast rolls. Oh no.


They bring out this pretzel bread with some of the best mustard I’ve ever had. I wish the pretzel rolls had a bit more salt, but they’re so, so good and a great change from regular bread. This mustard is tart and spicy – it has a nice kick, which I like.

I ordered the club sandwich on wheatberry bread, but got their roasted veggies instead of chips.



I ate all my veggies, one of those pretzel rolls  :), and half my sandwich. The other half will make great leftovers for Nick or I this weekend! Instead of mayo, it had an apricot chipotle spread on it – I loved the sweet/spicy aspect of that with the smoked cheddar, turkey, and ham.

I also had more watermelon when I got back to my office.


The last of it, finally! I’m actually sad it’s gone! I may need to buy another one for this week.

One of my coworker’s friends and her husband came by today with their 3.5 week old baby boy and he was adorable! It was so fun to hold him – he is probably one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. It was a nice way to drain away a bit of Friday afternoon.

Thank goodness, it was not raining when we got home. In fact, it didn’t rain today at all even though it was super gloomy.

But I was not in the mood AT ALL to run. Not one bit.

But we went anyway.

Now I’m glad that we did because we have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow and we probably wouldn’t be able to go. I felt good once we were done, but it was tough today. I felt slow, my legs were heavy and tight from all the yoga the past 2 days, and my arms were hurting at the end of the run again (from yoga). The funny thing is that “slow” for me today is still faster than “slow” at this point last year – I just forget that when we’re actually running  🙂

We had those Alpine Mushroom Pasta leftovers tonight – yum.


I really like this dish a lot! I’ll have to remember this one for the future. It was so easy and quick to make.


I’ve got some exciting plans for tonight!

  • Laundry
  • Laying on the couch in my pajamas
  • Watching What Not to Wear

I love lazy Friday nights  🙂

  • Check out this awesome yoga love giveaway over at An Apple A Day!
  • Gina, the resident Fitnessista, is giving away a raw-some cookbook!
  • Make sure to get your guest posts to me by July 15th if you want them posted while I’m in Honduras – I’m up for any topic, so get creative and send them on!

Do you usually have fun plans on Friday nights or lounge around and take it easy?

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