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Toss It In

Man, I’m worn out already!

I got out of the house and went everywhere I needed:

  • Target – done
  • Walmart – done
  • Goodwill – done!
  • Farmer’s Market for just 2 more peaches – done  🙂
  • Kroger – done
  • Health food store – done
  • Gas in the car – done

I can’t believe how much more money packaged foods cost! We don’t buy many granola bars, 100 calorie packs, etc, but those are the kinds of things we need for the trip. I spent more today getting stuff for the trip next than I normally do on a week’s worth of groceries for us! I feel like we got everything we needed to get, plus my dad and Nick’s parents are getting stuff, too, so we should be set.

We have a few more things to pick up tomorrow and I have to exchange some sharpies for the bigger ones, but I think we’re pretty much ready after that.

I got an iced latte while I was out running around and it held me over perfectly until I got home at 2:30 to have lunch.


Lunch today came together pretty quickly – I had some stuff I needed to use up in the fridge, so I just tossed it all in one bowl and went for it.


  • romaine
  • arugula/spinach mix
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • yellow jubilee tomato from our garden!
  • salt
  • drizzled with olive oil


I’ve got laundry going, and I’m going to look up the basic recipe for dinner + dessert tonight. They should both be good.

Do you find that it costs more to eat healthier things or pre-packaged stuff?I know everyone “thinks” that eating healthier costs more, but not for us. I couldn’t believe how much I spent today and most of what I bought was 100 calorie packs of healthy things like nuts, granola bars, and travel stuff (sanitizer, wipes, shampoo), etc.

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Cloudy + Cold

Those pancakes were awesome this morning!  They definitely did a good job of keeping me full until lunch time.

I liked my lunch, but I was kind of sad I didn’t have a hot one today. It’s so dreary and cold and rainy, and a cold salad (no matter how good) is not a good pick. Oh well – it still tasted good!


I had a big salad with:

  • Romaine
  • White beans
  • Avocado (yup, that makes a whole avocado today and it’s only lunch!)
  • Tomato
  • Cilantro
  • Scallions


In all it’s glory in my big bertha gladware container –


Plus some fruit salad I cut up this morning


Cantaloupe, farmer’s market peach, blackberries and the last of the raspberries.

I think peach  + raspberries is one of the best combinations – sweet and tart at the same time.

Work is going – at least it’s Friday and I’m in jeans!

Any fun plans for this weekend?

*Make sure to check out  more giveaways this week! I know, I can’t believe how many there are this week, either, but I love it.

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Repite, Por Favor

No worries  🙂  Just brushing up on my Spanish a bit!

Man, I was snacky again today! I’ve been hungry in the afternoons this week. I think the dreary weather definitely affects my appetite. It was so gray and gloomy today – not the best weather to be seeing through the windows at work.


I had a serving of Ezekiel original cereal with a little milk and some leftover fruit from this morning.

And then… I had a serving of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal because…well, once you have some cereal, you want more, right?


After my snack attack, I finished up at work and we headed home.

I ran over to my chiropractor appointment and had a great one! I’m doing super well after the accident – maybe all the yoga lately is helping? Whatever it is, I’m glad to be back to normal and aligned correctly  🙂

I also stopped by Rite-Aid to pick up some meds for us to take to Honduras in case we get sick – definitely better safe than sorry. We all got sick on the last day when we there before and it was not fun.

Since I had to run these errands after work, I had Nick work on the main part of dinner.

Basically the same as last night, with one major difference.


I guess this is more of a “fajita salad” than “taco salad”, but so, so good!


Nick cooked up some chicken breast with:

  • red pepper
  • onion
  • chipotle chiles in adobo
  • garlic
  • ancho chile powder
  • cayenne
  • cumin
  • salt
  • and I don’t know what else  🙂

It was really spicy, but really good.

I made a big salad, obviously. From the bottom up –

  • romaine
  • refried beans
  • chicken / veggie mixture
  • avocado
  • homemade salsa
  • cilantro


My nose was running while I was eating which means = it’s hot  🙂

I’m off to help Nick cut his hair, find something to pack for lunch,  then settle in with some popcorn with olive oil before Top Chef Masters.


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Okay, some of you have had some pretty crazy dreams, too  🙂  There are a bunch I remember having and they’re usually so out there that I always think “I must be the only one having these weird-o dreams”. But now I know I’m not!

My lunch was great, but I was starving all afternoon!

I had 2 dark chocolate covered almonds from my boss


Plus the snack I brought to work: a bunch of celery + 1 Tbsp crunchy pb


I also grabbed a snack sized kitkat from the front entry candy bucket – doh! I definitely did not need that, but man was it tasty  🙂 I haven’t had a kitkat in forever! It was good, but I think eating that so close to our run did me in.

Yup, we ran today and it stunk. I had probably the worst run I’ve had in months. I had horrible side stitches almost the entire time. I ran and got through it, but today was definitely not a fun run. I’m glad we went and it still amazes me that my “slow and painful and horrible running times” are still faster than at this point last year. It’s all relative, right? Gotta look for the positive  🙂

Dinner tonight was one of my favorites!


A big Taco Salad!


I had all this good stuff:

  • 1/2 cup fat free refried beans mixed with salt + ground coriander
  • 1/4- 1/2 cup lean ground beef cooked with garlic, cumin, ancho chile powder, onion, salt, pepper, and oregano
  • 3-4 cups romaine
  • 1/4-1/2 avocado
  • homemade salsa! Nick threw together some fresh salsa with some tomatoes from our garden (2 reds, 1 yellow), scallion, jalapeno, cilantro, and I’m not sure what else. But it was great!
  • extra cilantro


I love the yellow tomatoes in the salsa! It was so colorful and fresh.

And now for the grand finale tonight.


Some of the ocokies actually set up overnight! I still had to throw a few away that just didn’t come together, but we were able to salvage almost the entire batch!

I’m having a few of the ones that made it through the night – we were worried there for a minute.


These are my mom’s no-bake cookies and they’re some of my favorites. Nick’s too!

In fact, instead of a “grooms cake” at our wedding, he just had a batch of no bake cookies  🙂

I’m off to pack lunch, read, and settle in on the couch for some serious cuddle time with a certain husband + cat.

Are there certain “family” recipes that just make you feel good when you make them?

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What a day so far!

I started out with the opposite of the breakfast of champions. I should have known better:


A banana


a hb egg

and a latte I got before grocery shopping that wasn’t even worth photographing. Blech! It makes me sad that it was so bad because this place used to be my favorite – they have a new owner now, though, and it’s definitely NOT as good.

Today has just been strange and not on any type of schedule that I thought it would.

Nick had me drop him off this morning to go fishing in the kayak, but he had to fix a fishing rod holder, so we left later than planned this morning.

I headed out to go to the market + get groceries around 11. I went to Walmart for light bulbs, tp, and a battery and then drove to downtown for the farmers market.

Only….it wasn’t there? I walked to the normal spot and it was gone! I was sure it was open until 2 pm, but it was only noon and nothing was there.

So, I walked back to my car and started to just go to kroger to get everything. Of course, as soon as I leave the parking lot and start driving, I see the farmer’s market!!! They changed their location, so I had to turn around, park again, and walk over to get peaches (yay!), corn, and a loaf of cinnamon bread.

I finally got over to Kroger to finish my shopping and just got home around 2:30, starved and ready for lunch.


I heated up some leftover barley veggie risott-no and put it over a huge pile of romaine + sliced tomato.


And I also just broke into this  🙂


I got this in one of my birthday presents a few weeks ago and have been waiting to dig in – it was perfect, especially cold out of the fridge.  Thanks Tiff!

Alright, it’s time to go again.

Nick and I are going to see the Avett Brothers tonight with my boss/friend and her boyfriend. I’m sure we’ll be back late – hope you’re having a good Saturday!

Do you ever just wake up in a funk/weird mood?

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La La Leftovers

Those pancakes sure fill me up!

Yesterday and this morning, I looked at those two pancakes on the plate and thought “they’ll never keep me full like a big bowl of oatmeal does” – but they proved me wrong both days!

I love having more breakfast options – my dad even left a comment this morning requesting the pancakes the next time they’re visiting  ☺  Will do!

I’m actually taking a break from my veggie barley stuff today, since I found more leftovers in the fridge that need to be eaten. I forgot how much food we had from this weekend!

I brought some of the leftover “bbq” pork loin I cooked on Saturday + some beans to heat up


Not the most appetizing picture, but it was tasty!

Plus a salad of romaine + tomato


Topped with the last of the whole wheat pasta salad


And more watermelon – only one serving left at home! I’m glad I didn’t get a normal sized one. There’s no way we would be able to finish it before it went bad.


Have a great summer dessert? Make sure to enter it here! I’ve already sent in a few and can’t wait to see the other submissions.

I’m going to read some of my book until lunch break is over – see you for dinner!

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Man, I was hungry today!

First, lunch.

I packed a simple salad of romaine + roma tomato


and then dumped a serving of my veggie and barley risott-no on top to maximize the veggie goodness.


Plus some watermelon! It’s still going, and going…


I have at least 2 cups left! Watch out for more tomorrow  🙂

Work was pretty normal this afternoon, but my stomach was super hungry for some reason.

I had this cookie I picked up at lunch


It definitely looks bigger than it was – just a regular-a-little-smaller-than-my-palm chocolate chip cookie.

Of course, that didn’t put a dent in my hunger so I had the snack I packed for today – one serving of kashi sunshine + about 1/2 cup milk.


I love this cereal! It tastes like a mix of Capn’ Crunch and Kix. It’s Just Sweet Enough 🙂

Finally, my belly was happy. I drank some water and made it through the day.

Nick had a chiropractor appointment today, so I came home and did 2 20-minute yoga downloads – the Power Vinyasa Flow and a Hip Opening Flow. What a great way to spend 40 minutes winding down and breaking a sweat after work! I was only going to do one download, but the laundry was still in the dryer and Nick wasn’t back yet, so I just went ahead and kept going. I’m glad I did, because that hip opening download felt ah-mazing.

Plus, it’s always easier for me to spend more time working out when I know I have easy leftovers in the fridge.


We heated up the leftovers of the Hawaiian Chicken dish from last night, and I think it was even better!

Dishes with flavors like ginger, soy, and chile/garlic seem to get better after they sit. Tonight’s meal definitely proved that point – it was so spicy and the ginger really stood out tonight.


Makes me want to say aloha 🙂

I’ve been pretty productive tonight!

  • Yoga – done
  • Laundry – folded + put away
  • Dinner – eaten and enjoyed
  • Pajamas – on  😉
  • Fun breakfast plan for tomorrow – done
  • Hard boiled eggs – cooking right now
  • Lunch packed – about to do that

Now the only things left are to have some popcorn + watch Top Chef Masters tonight! The guest is Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney from HIMYM, aka Doogie Howser.

Do you have random super hungry days? Are there tried and true foods that satisfy you on days like that?

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Make Mine a Double

Ah…crazy Mondays! They’re already my busiest day at work in any given week, but 2 of my 3 supervisors are out this week so I’m doing some other tasks that aren’t normally mine. It’s just been nutso today so far.

My oatmeal held me over beautifully, and 2 cups of coffee helped keep my eyes open long enough to get through my emails! Double the coffee, double the productivity on Monday mornings.

Why do people do work on the weekends? I would love to show up to work on a Monday and just see that everyone enjoyed their weekends and did nothing work related and not have any emails. Is that too much to ask?

I’m hoping lunch has the same holding power as my breakfast, because this afternoon is actually going to be even busier.



Thank goodness for frozen veggie burgers + random leftovers in the fridge!

I made a huge salad with spinach, romaine, the last of the guac salad and a veggie burger.


This is that huge 7-8 cup container I have – lots of veggies today! It was good and spicy, too.

I just had this dried peach half to finish off my lunch on a sweet note + tame some of that heat from the salad.


Back to work for me.

In Honduras news, I’m hoping this reaches a peaceful ending and that it won’t change our plans for our trip in July. I just hope everything is resolved peacefully, whether we get to still go or not.

Do you do “work” on the weekends for your job?

I do not. 1., it’s not needed, and 2. the weekends are my time.

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I don’t think I’ve shopped this much since the day after Thanksgiving!  🙂  We had so much fun today.

First we hit up the Amish market – I got a bunch of stuff – some I needed, some I didn’t, but that doesn’t really matter, right?

  • oat groats!  (heather, I know you’ll be proud – I need an idea of how to make oatgurt without that heating dish)
  • wheat flakes, they look just like old fashioned oats
  • walnuts
  • pecans
  • orange blossom honey
  • smoked paprika for cheap! a whole container was only $2!
  • whole wheat couscous
  • whole wheat pastry flour
  • chia seeds! I was so excited to find these. I can’t wait to try them.

We came back home, dropped off our bags, and headed downtown to grab some lunch.


Nick’s mom took us to this really cute little place called the “Tea Room” – it was the perfect place for just us girls to have lunch.


It was pretty small and very busy! Apparently, they are always packed and have lots of reservations, but I loved this little place. They do not have a very large menu, but everything from the scones, quiche, soups, and salads sounded amazing.


The tables are all set with all different, non matching tea cups and they offer over 100 varieties of tea! I would love to come back for their actual afternoon tea, which is from 2-5 each day. Maybe next time  😉




I had the Ann Hardesty’s Chef Salad, which had local turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, red pepper, and some croutons along with an orange-mustard dressing. Yum! It also came with this amazing little cheddar biscuit that I saved for the last part of my meal.

I had their unsweet iced tea of the day, which was a mango madness. This was the perfect light lunch for us ladies! I can’t wait to go back.

And then.

We shopped.

And shopped.

And shopped.

The sad thing? The only place we got to was Kohl’s 🙂 I don’t have one near me, so I always want to go when we’re here, and we were in there for over 3 hours! I think we tried on the entire store between the 3 of us. We also helped this lady in the dressing room pick out a dress to wear for a wedding this afternoon – she was kind of freaking out because the zipper broke on the dress she was wearing. She had stopped in to Kohl’s to try to find a dress for a wedding that was at 4:30 today! We helped her decide on a dress to wear and she looked beautiful. It was fun to help another girl find a fabulous dress.

You think we got some good stuff?

Now, some of my stuff was birthday presents from my mom and Nick’s mom, but most of this is their stuff anyways.


This is Nick’s mom’s pile – and yes, that is a little deep fryer in the back. She decided they needed to be able to those deep fried oreos at home.


The middle section is my mom’s stuff she got – we all got the cutest stuff!


And this is my pile  🙂  AND, all of our stuff was on sale. We got some great deals, and Nick’s mom and I got some good skirts + hats for our trip to Honduras next month, which is good because I actually did need those.

We missed you Melissa, Maleasa, and Tiff!

Whew! I’m worn out!


I had one of these ciders when we got back (and after we did our little fashion show and tried everything on again). I love having girls time.

We’re working on dinner and I’m hoping we eat soon! All that shopping has made me hungry.

I think there will also be a trip to Kline’s dairy bar tonight for some local ice cream….but we shall see.

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!

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Ah…..today was so long….both of my supervisors at work are gone this week (and next!), so work is going to be super slow until July 6th – do you think I can make it? I should enjoy this time because there are times when we are absolutely slammed, but I guess we’ll see how next week goes  🙂

I had more liquid goodness for a snack today, even though I had already a smoothie.


This was a good green smoothie – I haven’t had one in a while!

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 Tbsp Shaklee chocolate meal shake
  • 2-3 cups spinach

I loved the little hint of chocolate in this one – it went really well with the banana.

No run today, only because I already ate dinner and can’t run on a full belly! Nick wanted to mow the yard tonight since we’re going to be gone this weekend. I made dinner as soon as we got home so he wouldn’t have to be out there mowing our hill for over an hour and be starving the whole time.


I’m glad I had an easy dinner to make tonight – I found this Smoky Ham and Corn salad recipe in the  new Eating Well and knew I had to make it.


The dressing was so easy to make  and the smoked paprika in the dressing totally made this recipe! Please, please, please buy some smoked paprika if you don’t have any – you will not regret it. And maybe send us some more since we’re running out  🙂

I had mixed greens from the farmers market and some local corn that I cut off the cob to use in the salad. I just quickly made the croutons by chopping up 1 slice of whole wheat bread, tossing it with a little olive oil and salt and put in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes on 350. Perfectly crispy and I know everything that’s in them.

And then there’s this.


I just had my last birthday cupcake – they were good while they lasted. This frosting is just too good. There is one left, but I’m saving it for Nick since I know he’ll need a snack once he’s done mowing.

I’ve got to pack for this weekend! I’m so excited to be seeing my parents and Nick’s this weekend – it should be a fun time.

What’s your favorite quick, throw together meal?

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