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Kayak Klutz Gets Krazy

Brandi: 0

River: 1

Kayaking was fun today, but there were a few spots, which I will refer to as “rapids“, that we weren’t expecting. We had to stop a few times and dump water out of the kayak because of the “heavy white waters”. I’m using those words to make me feel better about my little freakout when we went over the little drop on the first “rapid”. We had never been on that part of the river, so we weren’t sure what we would run into. Except for that first one, it turned out to be a fun trip.

Then, the klutz in me came out. At the last possible moment. We were coming up to the boat ramp to get out of the river and I went to jump out and pull the kayak in….too bad the river was deeper than I thought still, so one leg went over and my body just followed until I fell completely in.

Not too bad right? It wouldn’t have been if there weren’t 20 or 30 people waiting right on the ramp to get in and get rafting! Oh well. My embarassing moment for today is now complete, I guess  🙂

When we finally got back from picking up the other truck, we were both smelly + starving!


We had 2 of the sweet pepper chicken sausages leftover, so I had Nick grill those along with some red onion and yellow pepper and had him toast up some bread, too.


I was going to make mine into one huge sandwich, but the bread wasn’t big enough and there was just too much stuff, so I had two very messy open-faced sandwiches. They were awesome!

  • whole grain bread from Amish market
  • laughing cow cheese spread on both slices
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • grilled red onion
  • grilled yellow pepper
  • 1 chicken sausage, split in half between the two


I also ate the rest of the tomato and some baked kettle chips. This was great re-fueling.

We’ve still got a fun and busy day today!

  • laundry
  • groceries
  • pick peas from garden!
  • watch a movie + have homemade milkshakes tonight  🙂

See you for dinner and milkshakes! I’ve got to get going on my list!

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