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Style Inspiration

After seeing Amanda’s and Janetha’s fashion posts lately,  I decided I needed some motivation, too.

My job includes 8 hours of sitting in front of a computer, every day. And, because of this, I often go for comfort over cuteness. I never wear sweats to work, but I don’t always pull out my fun and cute work clothes or heels even though I have plenty.

Well – it’s been long enough. I don’t want all my cute stuff to just sit in my closet, unused!

In fact, this weekend, I started my own style revolution.

I wore heels to church.

Yup. For the first time in months (maybe a year?), I wore heels to church. It’s not that I don’t have heels or that I don’t want to wear them…it’s just that all of my flats are in my “comfort zone”.

But it was fun – and my outfit was cute and my heels actually got worn – so I’m making a new goal for myself:

To wear an outfit every day that makes me happy.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be wearing a dress every day or pulling out the heels just because, but I want to make a bit more of an effort and wear things that actually flatter me and make me feel good about myself. Putting on an outfit that makes you feel good can make a huge difference in your day.

And the days I’m working from home will probably still be jeans, slippers, and a comfy tshirt. Because that’s what makes me happy on the days I’m home.

But either way – I want to think about it a little more and really start to find and refine my personal style.

And this week has been going well so far!

Monday, we were off work so I was baking away in the kitchen for most of the day in my comfy jeans, a tshirt and my slippers. A good day, overall.

Tuesday I wore skinny black cords, a magenta long sleeve top, and a new gray swinging-cardigan type sweater that’s really cute with flats and a long beaded necklace.

Wednesday was my favorite so far this week –


Dress: Lerner (NY&Co), a few summers ago. Cardigan: B.Moss (I miss that store!). Tights: JCPenney. Navy pumps: TJMaxx (Sofft brand). Necklace: Gift from my mom.

I have a feeling this is going to be fun Smile I won’t have pictures every day, but I will be sharing my favorites AND asking for style tips/tricks/suggestions because I’m clueless when it comes to new trends and styles.

My sisters seem to be much more in tune with that stuff than I am – in fact, I thought of them when I was putting this outfit together. Both of my sisters always look cute, while I’m usually in worn out jeans and a Hokie tshirt. Again…comfy, but not the most flattering thing I could wear.

So, there it is! Are you in need of a style revolution? Join in!

And do you have any specific style inspirations?

Mine would have to be:

  • My sisters and sister-in-law
  • Zooey Deschanel (love her quirky vintage look)
  • Sydney from The Daybook
  • Jessica from What I Wore
  • and more!


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