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O Christmas Tree

**tap, tap**

Is this thing on?

I have been completely unplugged for days and have loved every minute Smile 

It’s been filled with moving, family, and 8 inches of snow.

The great thing is that we’re pretty much set up in the new house! Just a few more boxes to  go through and unpack and we’ll be ready to start working on some projects we have planned. There will definitely be pictures soon – we’re still working on some rooms and have big plans for future projects (mostly wallpaper, thank goodness) but it’ll be exciting to get started on those!

But because of a lapse in moving from our old house the new, our cable/internet isn’t being hooked up at the new house until Wednesday so I haven’t watched tv or gone online or seen any football games (!) since last week.

And it’s been a nice break – just spending time unpacking things, sitting in front of our fireplace with family and our Christmas tree, and drinking lots of coffee.

So…in the mean time, I’ll be bringing my laptop into work so I can post at lunch.

Here’s to being back! And to celebrating the end of 2010.

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our family, and I hope you did, too.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a crazy day of running around to our walk through and closing on our new house, Nick and I headed to a local tree farm.


Fun fact: One man that works in my office also has a Christmas Tree farm! They only have organic and sustainably grown trees and they have a great selection, so we drove up the mountain to pick one out for our new house.

Even with all the craziness of this week with the move and with the holiday itself and our family that are coming to visit, we really wanted to get a real tree and have a fun holiday setting in our new house this weekend.

My family has always had real Christmas trees – never fakes – and it’s the only way I want it. You just can’t beat that smell in the house; no candle or spray can match it!


We got a beautiful 7-8 foot Douglas Fir – and it’s a biggie! Much bigger in the house than we thought it would be, but it’s beautiful.

Full, round, and just waiting to be covered with ornaments.

My mountain man cut down our tree and hauled it back up the hill to the truck so we could take it home – to our new home.

I’m so excited that we got to have a real tree for our first Christmas in our new house!

Pictures coming!

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