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Okay, well I have a feeling I’m going to look like this soon – maybe with some pb or ab instead of hunny though  🙂


Both Nick and I are having crazy tummy stuff again! I was feeling fine today until around 4 pm, and then it was like my body just wanted to blow up like a balloon, get rumbly and crampy and strange, and make me feel like Pooh.

I had plans of posting my lunch pics at lunchtime, but I left my cord at home! I’ve already put it in my purse for tomorrow – no worries.

I packed a veggie burger on an arnold thin with some ketchup and mustard – pretty plain, but it was good. I meant to pack a slice of cheese and didn’t realize that I forgot it until I was putting this together at lunch.


Some bean salad I made yesterday, which totally made me think of Rose 🙂 Did you see her double bean creation today? I loved it.


I took a mixed can of beans (kidney, pinto, black) and added some corn, diced red onion, leftover grilled peppers from this weekend, salt, and garlic powder. Easy! And filling.

Plus some broccoli.


This afternoon was good and busy. Lots of letters to send and trying to find out more about teleworking in the future, which was exciting. We’ll see what happens!

I was really excited for my snack today. I finally found this yogurt at Martin’s near Nick’s parents and brought it home with me to try.


Stonyfield, you’re a genius  🙂


Since I usually eat plain greek yogurt, this did have much more sugar than I’m used to having in yogurt, but it was totally worth it.

When you open it up, it just looks like vanilla or plain yogurt –


But then, if you just dig down a little, you get to this chocolately layer on the bottom that is amazing!


I mixed most of it together, but left a little chocolate at the bottom  🙂  This was probably one of the best flavored yogurts I’ve ever had, and that’s good considering I normally don’t like vanilla yogurt at all. I loved the combination of the vanilla + chocolate, and it was the perfect balance of sweet + tart. I hope they start carrying this flavor here!! I already want it again.

I also had a small handful of cherries with my yogurt


I did make a good dinner, even though my stomach was flip floppin’ all around.

We had those leftover grilled turkey sausages from this weekend, so I chopped those up along with some portobello mushrooms and made a sauce for some pasta. The sauce is a weird color – Nick cooked down a bunch of our tomatoes the other day to use for this sauce + fresh salsa and since our tomatoes are red/yellow/green, the sauce isn’t the normal “pasta sauce” color. But it was tasty!


We had the sauce over some whole wheat pasta and roasted asparagus.


The meal was good, but my tummy is soooooo not normal or good right now.

I took some pepto so I’m hoping it will kick in soon.

Plans for tonight = pajamas, taking my contacts out and switching to glasses, and reading


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Do you like flavored yogurts? What’s your favorite?

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