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Dough-y Lunch

I guess I’m on a bread kick today  🙂

I brought lunch today, but then remembered how long it had been sitting in the fridge and decided not to chance it. I hate wasting food, but I really didn’t want to risk getting sick when we still have a bit of Honduran weirdness coursing through our bodies.

So off to lunch it was! it was quick + to go since I have to eat at my desk today.


We went to The Easy Chair today and they had their hummus! I ordered their hummus + veg on focaccia bread. It has tomato, lettuce, red onion, carrots, cucumber (we’ll see if I leave these on) and hummus. Yum.

I also got their unsweet blueberry iced tea


Their iced tea flavors are always good. This one and their ginger peach are my favorites.

I also had the sides I brought with my lunch:


2 of our golden jubilee tomatoes that needed to be eaten and some raw zucchini from the market. Look how stripey it is! I brought MORE guac to dip  🙂  This will be my first time ever trying raw zucchini…wish me luck. It just tasted so good cooked the other night, and I knew I needed to eat it soon since I already sliced it up.

Back to work for me! We have to leave a little early for Nick’s dr. appointment, which is why I’m working + eating at the same time.

What’s on your lunch plate today?

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Fried Friday

Thank goodness the weekend is here!

I felt like this week took forever to get through – every day just felt endless. At least the rain has cleared up a bit – it looks like we may have a pretty good weekend after all.

I think the slower-than-normal workdays have been kicking my snacking into overdrive.

Today, I brought some celery and carrots with some hummus and salsa.


Hummus + salsa is so good together!


And I am still not a big fan of raw carrots. I’ve tried them and tried them, but I guess it’s just not my thing.


I also added a small handful of pretzels for a little salt.

Even though today took forever to end, I did get a lot of stuff done and just have a few things left to finish on Monday before we head out of town.

I had some leftovers to work with tonight, but Nick and I decided to spend the last of our “spending money” for this month on a fun dinner out to one of our favorites. Thanks to the blog, I know how long it’s been since the last time we ate there  🙂  We haven’t been in 2 months! 2 months to the day, actually.

It was definitely time to satisfy my onion ring craving.


I had my usual: Buffalo burger with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, and onion + onion rings.

Just as good as I remembered  🙂

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow – lots of errands to get done to make sure we’re ready for this trip next week.

I hear my pajamas calling….and it’s almost time for What Not to Wear!

Oh, and Sarah? I saw this tonight in the grocery store and thought of you:


Is there something you’ve tried and tried but just don’t like?

I love cooked carrots, especially roasted, but I just do not like them raw for some reason! I also do not like any kind of applesauce. I can’t take the texture.

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Manic Overflowing

I am happy to be sitting down! Today has been a doozy.

Work was super busy this afternoon, just as I expected. I had a bunch of last minute things to get ready, copied, stapled, etc, that need to be mailed out tomorrow, so most of my afternoon was spent finishing those up and getting the rest of the packets ready.

I took a quick break around 4 for a little shot of protein:


Hard boiled eggs are some of my favorite snacks! They’re easy to carry in my lunch box and the perfect little snack when you’re not super hungry but need a little something.

More work followed and I was working right up until 5 pm.

Nick has his crazy biking/kayaking/running race on Saturday, so he’ll be training some more this week to get ready for that. I know we’ll run 2-3 times, but we were trying to figure out the schedule for the week, which proved to be harder than I thought.

I decided to let him do a bike ride tonight and we’ll run tomorrow – I just had too much to do tonight after being gone all weekend.

I’ve got one load of laundry done (and will be folding that as soon as I’m done blogging my awesome dinner), I made a dish for my lunches this week, made dinner, and packed the rest of my lunch.


Nick’s parents gave us a pork loin to bring home, so I took half of that, made a spice rub and roasted it in the oven.

For the spice rub, I used:

  • 1 Tbsp of jerk seasoning
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1 Tbsp garlic powder

I rubbed it all over the pork, then popped it in a 425 degree oven for about an hour or until the internal temperature is 155-160.

While the pork was cooking,  I cut up a ton of veggies I needed to use and got started on my lunch dish + laundry.


I did one sheet pan with red onions, rutabaga, and orange and yellow peppers.

The other sheet pan had asparagus, 2 yellow squash (for lunches) and cremini mushrooms. We also had just some simple quick cooking barley on the side, topped with a little cilantro to bring out the flavor of the coriander on the pork.

I love roasted veggies!  This was also my first time trying rutabaga – and Nick’s! We both loved it. It’s kind of sweet, but not as sweet as a sweet potato – hard to describe, but I really liked it!

I was hoping to do this meal on the grill, but it just didn’t work out for tonight since Nick needed to do his bike ride. It was still very tasty – I don’t have roasted veggies much in the summer since we do grill so much, so it was a nice reminder of what fall is bringing in a few months  🙂

What’s your favorite veggie to roast?

I think mine are a tie between asparagus, broccoli, and butternut squash. Yum. I could make a meal out of just that!

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