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Full, But Not

This Honduran  craziness makes my tummy so strange. I’ve felt hungry all day, but not much actually sounds good. I’ve eaten, but still just feel empty? It’s very strange.

I got all my work done today! Mondays are my busiest day at work, and I was wondering how today would go with the teleworking. The set-up we used worked great! It was a bit slow, but other than that, I think it will work fine if they really do start supporting this more often.

To quiet the tummy rumbling this afternoon, I had a snack.


Oikos and Fage were both on sale this weekend! Wahoo! I crumbled up one of my blueberry chia muffins into a plain oikos and ate that while working. I love having baked goods crumbled in yogurt – the different textures and the sweet/tart combination always makes me happy.

I really wanted to have an even bigger snack that this, but I didn’t want to ruin my appetite since Nick came home at lunch. Because we were both already at home, I knew dinner would be earlier than normal, and I was right!

Nick asked for a big salad tonight and since that actually sounded good to him, I pushed tonight’s dinner plans to tomorrow and put together a big salad spread.


Mine had:

  • romaine
  • hard boiled egg
  • yellow tomato
  • black olives
  • a tiny bit of crumbled bacon
  • homemade avocado dressing, which was thick but really good

Nick added beer butt chicken to his, but I just wasn’t feelin’ that since I had some at lunch.


The avocado dressing just had

  • about 1/2 of that huge avocado I opened up today
  • the juice from 1/2 a lemon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic powder
  • 1-2 tsp canola oil

Whir it all up in the food processor or blender until creamy. You could add more liquid or something like mayo/yogurt to make it thinner. I liked the overall texture and once I mixed my salad together, it coated everything nicely.


I also made me some more “garlic bread” on a hot dog bun. Nick went and got himself a little loaf of french bread, but I know he’ll want more the next 2 nights with dinner so I let him have that and just made one of these for me. I just split the hot dog bun, spread on a little olive oil spread, sprinkled on some garlic salt + parsley and toasted in the toaster oven. Perfect!

I just finished packing up my lunch for tomorrow and doing some other things I needed to do (cut celery, freeze a package of chicken, make bean dish for lunches, etc) and now all that’s left is to make the bed, prep breakfast, and have a snack!

My stomach already feels empty again. I know it may be because I had 2 salads today, but this hunger is just ridiculous. I’m hoping we both get back to normal in the next day or two.

I have a feeling a bowl of my microwave popcorn is going to appear tonight  🙂

Is there a food that always makes you full/satisfied when you have it? I feel like nothing is working today, but it may just be this weirdness.

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I have so many fun pictures today! Both fun to look at and ones that were just fun to take  🙂

But first! Look what we saw while we were eating lunch!!!


Little known fact about me: I. love. groundhogs.

I know, I know….they dig up yards, yadda, yadda. We don’t have them in our yard, though, and I just think they are so cute and pudgy and fuzzy and I get so excited whenever I see them around here. My record so far is seeing 8 in one day! Impressive, huh?  🙂

We also ran over to Sonic at lunch because I really wanted a light cherry limeade for some reason, so that’s what I got. I hadn’t been to a sonic in forever. I actually used to go just about every afternoon in college for their “happy hour” 1/2 price drink specials. That’s where a lot of my laundry quarters went, no surprise.


It hit the spot and was a great way to end lunch.

I brought a good snack today since I knew I would be running after work. I bought this new trail mix the other night and brought it to have with my last Oikos! 😦 Please, Oikos, go back on sale! I just can’t afford you at your normal prices.


This trail mix has whole raw almonds, slivered almonds, raisins, craisins, and dark chocolate chunks – it was the perfect yogurt topping. I can’t wait to try it on oatmeal!


We had a good run today. We actually ran over the river on this pretty steep bridge, so my pace was a little slower on the way out than it was on the way back in. I was so excited today because I looked at my garmin on the way back DOWN the bridge and my pace was 8:22! That is crazy! I haven’t run that fast since like 5th grade. I can’t keep it at that pace yet, but it’s nice to know that it wasn’t horrible being there, you know?

After getting back, stretching, and taking showers, I got started on a quick dinner.

I was so happy to be able to use this beautiful rainbow chard I got from the market.


I found this great sounding stew in one of my Eating Well magazines, but I modified it to be more of a “one pot” dish than a stew – it turned out great!


I mostly followed the recipe, using a huge bunch of my rainbow chard which wilted down like crazy!

The only difference is that I added 1 cup of Israeli couscous to the boiling water/broth and let that cook almost all the way before stirring in the chard. Serve once the greens are cooked. Easy!


The flavors in this dish were awesome with the chard. The chile paste made it spicy, and I love the warmth that ginger gives to a dish. Definitely a keeper.

Then, my strawberry sundae happened.

But it wasn’t any sundae.

It was life changing.

That’s right – I made Gena’s banana soft serve after seeing and hearing all the rave reviews.


This stuff was so good and super creamy! I cannot believe that this is only bananas. It really has the texture of soft serve ice cream.

I topped mine with some chopped strawberries + a tsp of carob chips.


This recipe is definitely going to be used a lot – I can’t wait to try it with more toppings + flavors! Thanks Gena! I will definitely have to remember to freeze more bananas from now on.

Of course, after that I’m freezing so I’m about to have some hot tea and read until I fall asleep  🙂

Did you make a sundae today? Was it life changing?

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Running on Empty

Happy Friday! I hope you are enjoying your day so far today, whether you’re working or not!

I can’t believe I’m just now eating breakfast at 10 am – this is so unlike me  🙂  We’ve had a good morning so far, though.

We got up and went on a 3 mile run this morning, came back, showered, got dressed and I worked on getting breakfast components together while Nick cleaned the shower for me.


I had mixed up some muesli the other night (1 cup wheat flakes, 1 cup skim, 1 cup ff plain yogurt), so I dished that up for us and got out some fruit, nuts, and honey.


I also mixed in a Tbsp of chia seeds to the muesli! I topped mine with some kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, 1 Tbsp pecans, cinnamon, and a tsp of honey.


I really wanted some oatmeal, but after running/showering, I just couldn’t make a hot breakfast.

Nick also made some french press coffee for us!!! Yes, I am that excited about it. We haven’t had “french press quality” coffee in a while but we picked some up yesterday.


Worth the wait, for sure, but I am happy we’re stocked on coffee for a while  🙂

I’m off to start my busy day!

  • Pedicure with a friend at 11
  • Grocery shopping, then home to…
  • Bake dessert
  • Prep dinner/weekend stuff
  • Clean house
  • Finish laundry

Whew – I better get started!

What makes a weekend feel like a “weekend” to you?

Mine is not having to use alarms. I love it.

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The Cat’s Meow

I think the funk has passed  🙂  Or maybe it’s just because the workday is over? Either way, I’m feeling much better now. I don’t know why I have those days/times, but I hate just feeling blah for no real reason, you know?

Nick and I had a run planned after work today so I brought a tried and true snack



1 plain oikos + the last of my TJs fruit and nut medley cereal. I am officially out of everything I bought from Trader Joe’s at Christmas! It’s definitely time for another trip and a huge cooler to bring it all back.

I got to break out my next coffeehouse book while I was waiting for Nick to pick me up! I’m already hooked into this one.


I’m glad I remembered to start this one because I got the next one from my sister for my birthday – I need to not read these too fast, though, because then I’ll just have to buy the next 2 that I still don’t have…

I was not in the mood to go running, at all. Like, not one bit. But the weather was absolutely gorgeous today and I knew that I would feel better after I went. And I did! Strange how that works, huh? 🙂

We ran about 2.5 miles, a little shorter than our normal route which was fine with me. My legs were pretty tight and Nick was sore from his bike ride yesterday, so we just did one loop around the park instead of the normal two. It was seriously the perfect weather today – blue skies, a few clouds, around 80, and a slightly cool breeze. I wish every day was like today. This weather is making me want fall because fall = college football! I’ve been looking at ESPN every day for the past week, seeing what’s going on in the conference and other teams….I can’t wait.

You probably know this already, but we eat a lot of leftovers. Some of my favorite nights to have them are nights that we run after work. By the time we get home, change, go running, get back, and take showers, I really do not want to cook a dinner. It’s nice to have something waiting for us in the fridge and tonight was no different.


We heated up the leftover pork, roasted veggies, and barley from last night, and I think the veggies were even better tonight! All the flavors soaked in and they were awesome and so colorful.


Eating this dinner was easy.

Blogging like this is not so easy.


She likes her lap time in the evenings, what can I say?

Do you have a pet? Do they run your life/household/everything?  🙂

Our only pet right now is Roxy and she is definitely the Queen of the house. She thinks she owns us, not the other way around….but we let her think it! It’s totally worth it when she’s being sweet and cuddling. And how can you not love 13 lbs of fur?

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now! Well, not exactly right now, but soon enough! My parents are already on the road and I can’t wait to see everyone!

My lunch hour was pretty busy since I had to get my hair cut and run a few errands with Nick before we left town. I wasn’t super hungry at lunch time, so I waited until I got back from our lunch break to get my lunch out.

I definitely waited too long! I was so hungry by the time I got to eat.


I had some of the leftover guacamole salad + a few extra roma tomatoes cut up and a small piece of leftover steak.


It was good and spicy, but not very much food. I was still hungry, so I went ahead and dug into my afternoon snack –


1 plain oikos, some TJs fruit and nut medley cereal, and fresh raspberries. Again, good, but I’m still hungry!


I’m hoping we’ll need to stop somewhere on the way so I can get a latte or smoothie or something else filling to hold me until we get there.

I’m not sure what dinner is going to be once we get to Nick’s parents house, but I’m sure it will be great.

Here we go again – another super fun weekend road trip  🙂

I’m hoping to at LEAST do these this weekend:

  • lots of talking and laughing
  • Amish market for necessities + things I just want and have no room for
  • Costco to look for a few things
  • birthday shopping with the girls? We’ll miss you Maleasa, Melissa, and Tiff!  🙂
  • who knows what else!

What about your weekend plans?

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Adios Headache!

I don’t know if it was the pills, caffeine or that macaroon, but my head feels so much better right now.

I can still feel a little tiny ache right in the middle of my head, but it’s not getting worse and my head isn’t throbbing, so I’ll take it! Thank you all so much for your notes and suggestions – I really appreciate them! I hate having headaches this bad because it honestly feels like nothing will help, but maybe it just ran its course? As long as I don’t wake up with it again, I’ll be happy.

I was looking forward to my afternoon snack so much today! In between my headache stupor last night, I somehow remembered to bake some muffins I’d been wanting to try and they turned out really good!

I crumbled mine on top of some plain Oikos – and it was good.


 I am getting a little too used to having this greek yogurt all the time. The Oikos have been buy one get one free at Kroger for the past 3 weeks so I bought all that they had left last week! I wish they were always that price – I could buy them a lot more often.

I think my muffins turned out well! They’re kind of my homemade version of vitamuffins since I can’t find them here. Don’t worry – I’ll be posting the recipe soon  🙂

I wanted to have a filling snack *just in case* it happened to not be raining so we could go running. Sadly, it was raining, again, when we got home. So – I just put on my mp3 player, went downstairs and did the Power Vinyasa Flow #4 from yogadownload.com and it was awesome. This is one of their 20 minute ones, but it didn’t feel that short! It was fast in some parts and I definitely got my heart pumping.

I just finished eating dinner, which was another taco salad with the leftovers from last night.


I think this stuff gets better the next day – the spices were all soaked into the ground beef and the guacamole was really spicy tonight! It was good and easy to throw together once I finished yoga.

I’ve got to get this recipe written down and pack my lunch for tomorrow – see you for a breakfast I’ve been waiting to make  🙂

Have you tried vitamuffins?

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Well, my headache is still alive and kickin’. I have a feeling I’ll be taking some more pain meds + hitting the couch in my pjs soon. My head is just throbbing behind my eyes and down into my jaw. The weird thing is that it will kind of go away for a little while, but then come storming back. I think I just need a long night of sleep.

This afternoon, while trying to avert my eyes from my computer as much as possible (which is impossible in my job since everything is on the computer), I tried a new bar + yogurt combination.


I liked the little chocolate chips in the  bar, but this was tiny! I know it’s a kid one, so that makes sense, but I don’t know if I’ll buy many of these for me. It was good in my yogurt, though.

The rain cleared up this afternoon and I was hoping my headache would go away so we could run, but that did not happen. We haven’t run in over a week – the last time we ran was our 10K 2 weekends ago! I’m hoping the weather will be clear tomorrow and that my head will be better because I want to get outside!

Head throbbing + no running = Mexican Meal for Two


Nick cooked some lean ground beef with onion, cumin, salt, ancho chili powder…and I’m not sure what else.

I heated up the beans + cut up lettuce + made guacamole.

this meal was just what  I needed.

My grande taco salad had:

  • fat free refried beans
  • ground beef
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  •  guacamole


And I’m out for the night! I just can’t look at the computer anymore  😦 

See you in the morning for a good breakfast!!! and thanks for all your headache-relieving tips!

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Rainy Relaxing

Seriously. More rain? I feel like that’s the only weather we’ve had for months now.

At least I had a good snack for my gloomy afternoon – I finally decided to try mixing some pb2 into my yogurt


I mixed in a little less than 1 tsp of the pb2 into my Oikos container and then topped it with the other half of my banana that I didn’t use in my sandwich at lunch.


I thought it was pretty good, but I think I would add more of the pb2 next time – I could taste it, but not very much. It was nice to have the faint flavor of peanut butter in my yogurt, though. Definitely good for a change.

I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to run today because of the weather, so once we got home, I changed clothes and did one of my yoga videos. I have not done anything since our race on Saturday, so it felt nice to just move and stretch and breathe. My legs and feet were still so sore in weird places after the trail run that we didn’t go running earlier this week, and now it’s been raining so I was glad to have a night in to do yoga.

Dinner was easy leftovers tonight – I love leftovers!


I took a serving of my veggie mac from the other night and mixed it with a cup or so of broccoli and some of the smoked turkey, then topped it with some crushed red pepper.


I think I liked this better with everything mixed together in one bowl – I got all the different flavors and textures in every bite. Any guesses what I’m having for lunch tomorrow?  🙂

I’ve got to get working on a grocery list + meal plans for next week – I do have a fun and ridiculous breakfast meal planned for this weekend. It should be fabulous!

and glad you all liked my butt imprint from my couch – it’s not permanently there, but that is my spot. I thought it was funny that I could actually document it!

Night! Tomorrow is Friday!!!

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I like having breakfast waiting for me in the morning.

Especially when I crash on the couch and sleep amazingly all night long – I think that tart put me in a little sugar coma. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives at 10! I don’t always remember to prep stuff for breakfast at night, but it does make the mornings easier and a bit less rushed.


Last night, I mixed up a serving of my MixMyGranolamuesli plus a little extra regular oats with a cup of milk for Nick and I to have this morning. After sitting and soaking in the milk, I took it out this morning and stirred in one container of Oikos plain yogurt, then split the mix between the two of us.


I love that the milk softens the oats just enough to not feel raw anymore – they  have such a great, almost fluffy texture.


I topped mine with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, slivered almonds and some cinnamon.

I thought I would be freezing eating this, but it didn’t make me as cold as having a smoothie in the morning. Maybe this and the breakfast cookie will be my go-to cold breakfasts.

Do you feel the “sugar coma” if you have something super sweet/rich?

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I’m so relaxed now! I really, really wish this yoga class wasn’t 45 minutes away  😦  I’m just going to have to plan ahead and go whenever I can.

I knew I was going to go to yoga tonight, so I packed a snack that would carry me through going home, changing, driving out there, through the hour of yoga, and through the drive back. I packed a good one!


Yup, I ate this whole bar with my yogurt.


Normally, I wouldn’t spend this many calories on an afternoon snack (the bar is 250 alone), but I needed something that wouldn’t fill me up too much, but that would be enough calories/energy to get me through until around 8 tonight. I ate this at 3:30 and it was the perfect thing. This was also my first time trying an Honest Foods anything since I can’t get them here. Christie brought it to me when they came to visit a month ago, and I really liked it! Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t buy them here?  🙂

I. loved. yoga. tonight. I really am sad that this class is so far away. It’s held at a church so you don’t have to pay to go – you can just donate when you want. I really love taking yoga classes more than doing it on my own, but all the places I can take classes from are so expensive, and we really don’t have any extra money right now. I may just have to get creative and start doing it more on my own and just go to classes whenever I can.

Regardless, it was just what  I needed. I’m glad I did this – it definitely helped stretch me out and just release tension, which will be nice come Saturday morning when we’re running our race.

Dinner was quick and easy, thanks to leftovers in the fridge. I just came in the door, dropped my stuff, and grabbed a plate.


I heated up one of the black bean burgers from last night, some of the sweet potato fries, grabbed 2 slices of avocado (cause I haven’t had enough today, apparently) and sliced up some tomato.


I’ve got to get working on packing my lunch for tomorrow, which means finding something to take!

Happy end of Humpday!!! Finally  🙂

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